WZOE-AM On-Air Schedule

12:06am When Radio Was
3:06am Doug Stephan’s Good Day
4:06am Westwood One’s “America in the Morning”
5:00am News & Weather
5:06am RFD Ag Programming
5:25am Max Armstrong’s Farm Progress America
5:28am Farm Journal Radio
5:30am Westwood One News Update
5:32am RFD Illinois
6:00am News & Weather
6:10am Features
6:13am USDA Markets (previous day’s close)
6:16am Entertainment Report
6:18am Lost and Found
6:25am Community Datebook
6:30am Westwood One News Update
6:32am Weather
6:35am Max Armstrong’s Midwest Digest
6:40am Jim Bohannon Interview
6:45am Sports
6:50am Features
6:55am Weather
7:00am Westwood One News
7:05am WZOE News
7:25am Birthdays & Anniversaries
7:28am Features
7:30am Westwood One News Update
7:32am Weather
7:40am Features
7:45am Sports
7:50am Weather
8:00am Westwood One News
8:05am WZOE News
8:20am Memorial Time
8:25am Success Journal
8:30am Westwood One News Update
8:32am Weather
8:35am Health Beat
8:40am Features
8:45am Sports
8:55am Kim Komando Consumer Tech Update
8:58am Weather
9:00am Westwood One News
9:05am IRN State News
9:10am The Offbeat with Jim Bohannon
9:15am Trading Post
9:30am Westwood One News Update
9:30am Open Line with Paul Bomleny
10:00am Westwood One News
10:05am AgriTalk with Chip Flory
11:00am Westwood One News
11:05am RFD Today
12:00pm Westwood One News
12:10pm Successful Farming Radio Magazine
12:20pm RFD Ag News & Markets
12:30pm Westwood One News
12:35pm Weather
12:40pm Jim Bohannon Interview
12:45pm Features
1:00pm Westwood One News
1:06pm The Dave Ramsey Show
2:00pm Westwood One News
2:06pm The Dave Ramsey Show
3:00pm Westwood One News
3:06pm The Dave Ramsey Show
4:00pm Westwood One News
4:06pm AgriTalk After The Bell with Chip Flory
5:00pm Westwood One News
5:05pm RFD Town & Country Partners Radio
5:25pm Features
5:30pm Westwood One News Update
5:32pm Weather
5:40pm Features
5:45pm Dow Jones & NASDAQ Closing Markets
5:50pm USDA Market Closings
6:00pm Westwood One News
6:06pm Chad Benson Show
9:06pm Jim Bohannon Show