Mendota Seventh Grader Dies After Collapsing At Game

December 3rd, 2018

School leaders in Mendota are still not sure how a seventh grade basketball player died over the weekend. The city’s school district said on Facebook on Saturday that Holy Cross student Karl Soliman collapsed and died. Soliman was playing in a weekend basketball tournament at the time. The district is asking people to keep Soliman’s family in their thoughts and prayers.

News Headlines – December 3, 2018

December 3rd, 2018

Illinois Looking To Tally Storm Damage

It could be a few more days before the state knows just how much damage the weekend storms left behind. Teams from the state and the National Weather Service were out yesterday, surveying the damage from Saturday’s tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. A band of storms cut across most of central Illinois, but the worst of it looks to be Taylorville, where at least one tornado damaged 100 homes and injured about 20 people.

Illinois U.S. Senators Remember President Bush As A Hero

Both of Illinois’ U.S. senators are remembering former President George H.W. Bush as a hero. Senator Dick Durbin yesterday said the first President Bush put his life on the line for the country in World War Two, and then dedicated the rest of his life to public service. Senator Tammy Duckworth says Bush was key to signing the Americans with Disabilities Act. George H.W. Bush passed away on Friday; he was 94.

Peoria-Area Better Business Bureau Warns Of Social Security Scam

There’s another warning about another phone scam. This one comes from the Better Business Bureau of Central Illinois in Peoria, and is warning about people trying to take advantage of folks getting Social Security payments. The BBB says someone is calling people and telling them that their Social Security benefits have been frozen and there’s a number to call, but it’s all a scam. The BBB says if you get a call, just hang up.

Moline Native, F Troop Actor Ken Berry Passes Away

One of Moline’s ties to Hollywood has passed away. Ken Berry’s friends and family members said over the weekend that Berry died Saturday at age 85. Berry was known to a generation of TV fans for his starring role in F Troop. But he enjoyed a long career that included roles on The Love Boat, Chips, and the Disney film Herbie Rides again.

News Headlines – November 30, 2018

November 30th, 2018

Illinois Lawmakers Wrap-Up Session For 2018

Illinois lawmakers are done for the year, but not done yet. Both the Illinois House and Senate left Springfield yesterday. They spent two weeks of veto session dealing with plans that the governor vetoed. Lawmakers are not done yet, though, they’re due back at the Capitol in early January before a new General Assembly is sworn-in on January 9th.

Cheri Bustos Elected To Head Democratic Congressional Election Effort

The Quad Cities’ Democratic congresswoman is getting a big promotion. Congresswoman Cheri Bustos yesterday announced that Democrats picked her to run the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. That means she will be in charge of getting Democrats across the country elected to congress. Bustos says her strategy is to protect the new Democratic majority, and go on the attack in some Republican districts as well.

Lawmakers Fail To Overturn Veto Of Smoking Plan

Eighteen-year-olds in Illinois will still be able to buy cigarettes and other tobacco products, at least for now. Lawmakers in Springfield couldn’t find the votes this week to overturn the governor’s veto of a plan to raise the smoking age to 21. Advocates say they will try again next year. The failure does nothing to change local smoking age laws in cities or towns across the state.

Governor Rauner: I’m Scared For Illinois’ Future

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says the people who ruined the state are now in charge of it. The governor blasted the incoming Democratic governor and Democratic majority at a statehouse news conference yesterday. Rauner says he fears for the state because of the policies that Democrats are promising to embrace.

Time Running Out To Buy Health Insurance

If you have to buy your own health insurance, you need to move quickly. The open enrollment deadline for anyone who doesn’t get insurance through their job or through the state of Illinois has till December 15th to buy a plan. You can find out more at

New Plan Could Change Illinois High School Football

High schools across Illinois will start voting next week on a plan that could drastically change high school football. The Illinois High School Association, which oversees high school sports in the state, is asking schools to vote on a proposal to eliminate football conferences and move to districts. The idea is to balance the competition between schools based on their size and where they are in the state. The change would also tweak how teams are chosen for the playoffs, but would not cut the number of teams or the number of football classes.

Quincy’s Dollhouse Museum To Close

One of western Illinois’ most unique museums is closing. Managers at Quincy’s Dollhouse Museum say they will close their doors this weekend. In fact, the museum is selling its entire collection. The Dollhouse Museum helped trace the history of dollhouses, including those made before 1900.

News Headlines – November 29, 2018

November 29th, 2018

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Police in Paris, Illinois say they have a suspect in mind after finding a threat written in the school bathroom. Illinois’ soybean farmers say the impact of President Trump’s tariffs can bee seen across the state. There’s new information in the death of a western Illinois man.

>>Suspect Identified In Paris, Illinois School Threat

(Paris, IL) — Police in Paris, Illinois are asking prosecutors to review charges against a high school student for a threat found in the local school’s bathroom. Paris High School officials told parents yesterday that they found the threat in a bathroom stall Tuesday. Extra police officers went to the school yesterday, and within about an hour they say the identified a suspect. No one was hurt in the incident, and school went on as scheduled.

>>Illinois Soybean Farmers Sitting On Record Crop Because Of Tariffs

(Moweaqua, IL) — You can see the impact of President Trump’s tariffs in a lot of communities in central and southern Illinois. Illinois soybean farmers say they’re having to store their record crop in grain bags. Illinois farmers have a surplus of beans because of a 25 percent tariff on beans sold to China. China had been the number one market for soybeans grown in Illinois, but now few if any of the state’s soybeans are going to that country.

>>Police: Elderly Western Illinois Man May Have Wandered Off

(Macomb, IL) — Police in western Illinois say an elderly man may have wandered-off in the weekend blizzard and died. Investigators yesterday released a bit more information about the death of 73-year-old John Schauble. Macomb Police tracked his SUV back to an auto shop, and workers there told officers where they found it. It was there that officers say they found Schauble’s body. Officers say it appears that Schauble died of exposure.

>>Rock Island County To Raise Property Taxes In New Budget

(Rock Island, IL) — Leaders in Rock Island County are raising taxes to try and close a four million-dollar hole in their next budget. The county board on Tuesday approved a nearly 12-percent property tax increase. County board member Kai Swanson says no one likes to raise taxes, but he says Rock Island County needs to find money somewhere. The deficit is being driven by pension costs at the county’s nursing home.

>>Peoria Woman Dies After Parking Lot Stabbing

(Peoria, IL) — Peoria Police say it looks like a fight between a group of women lead to a deadly stabbing. Markesha Jeffries died Tuesday afternoon, just hours after being stabbed in her groin area. Investigators say she likely bled to death. Police arrested 31-year-old Sheyanah Lee on murder and mob action charges.

Boys High School Basketball 11-28-18

November 29th, 2018


Bureau Valley 58 – Riverdale 56