News Headlines – October 11, 2017

October 10th, 2017

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Another high profile Illinois Democrat is lining up behind J.B. Pritzker’s bid for governor. After a school shooting, students and parents in Mattoon are trying to speak up about bullying. A southern Illinois hair salon could soon be able to sell drinks to folks waiting for a haircut. The Cubs have questions about that World Series ring that’s found its way to auction.

Bustos Back Pritzker In Democratic Governor’s Race

(Rock Island, IL) — Add the Quad Cities’ Democratic congresswoman to the list of J.B. Pritzker’s backers. Congresswoman Cheri Bustos yesterday tossed her support behind Pritzker’s bid to take on Governor Bruce Rauner next fall. Bustos’ support comes just two days after most of the state’s Democratic county leaders agreed to back Pritzker as well.

Anti-Bullying Message In Mattoon Schools

(Mattoon, IL) — There are a lot more people talking about ending bullying in Mattoon schools this year. School shootings tend to do that. About a dozen people gathered outside of Mattoon High School on Sunday to push the local school board to do more. Parents in the crowd say they’ve seen their kids bullied, and feel that they got little help from the district. Mattoon school leaders have never said why a student pulled a gun and started shooting last month, though they cautioned parents not to believe rumors that bullying was the cause.

Murphysboro Considering Liquor License For Hair Salon

(Murphysboro, IL) — City leaders in Murphysboro are looking at a plan to let a local hair salon sell drinks to people as they wait for a haircut. The city council in the small southern Illinois city will decide the idea tonight. The salon’s owner only wants to be able to sell a drink to his customers as they wait, not to the general public.

Illinois Bicentennial Needs Six Million Dollars

(Springfield, IL) — The planners for Illinois’ 200th birthday say they’re about six million dollars short of being able to throw on heck of a party. Illinois Bicentennial Commission chief Stuart Layne yesterday said they’re anywhere between four and six million-dollars short of their fundraising goals. Layne says it’s been ‘difficult’ to secure large gifts from Illinois’ corporate partners. Illinois’ bicentennial celebration launches this December and will last until December of 2018.

Cubs Question World Series Ring Authenticity

(Chicago, IL) — Maybe that’s not a World Series ring for sale after all. The Chicago Cubs yesterday said they have some questions about the authenticity of the ring that’s up for auction. Lelands’ Auctions is selling what it claims to be an official world champions’ ring from a Cubs scout. But the ball club yesterday said the sale is not authorized by the team, so ‘buyer beware.’ The latest bid last night was over 36 thousand-dollars.

News Headlines – October 10, 2017

October 9th, 2017

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(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Illinois lawmakers are hoping to use the Las Vegas shootings to push through new gun control laws. One central Illinois congressman says it’s time to make the tax code easier for all Americans. Erika Harold says she wants to turn the Illinois Attorney General’s office into a public corruption fighter. You may soon be able to buy an official Chicago Cubs World Series Ring.

Illinois Lawmakers Look To New Gun Control Laws

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois lawmakers are looking to use the Las Vegas shootings to try and push new gun control laws in the state. Suburban Democratic state Rep Marty Moylan last week introduced a plan to ban the sale of bump stocks, the accessory that turns semi-automatic rifles into automatic weapons. But his plan would also ban the sale of assault weapons, .50 caliber rifles, and any magazine larger than ten rounds. Another plan from state Rep Kathleen Willis would create a state license for firearms dealers. Both ideas have failed to get enough support in the past.

Congressman LaHood: Trump Tax Plan Simpler, Better For Middle Incomes

(Washington, DC) — One central Illinois congressman says it’s about time the federal government made the nation’s tax code simpler. Republican Congressman Darin LaHood wrote an open letter in “The State Journal Register” yesterday that said President Trump’s tax plan would make things easier for middle class families. LaHood wrote that middle income families would see less of their income taxed, and would see just three tax brackets which would make tax time much simpler.

Congressman John Lewis Wants HUD To Help Out In Cairo

(Washington, DC) — One of the country’s leading civil rights leaders says federal housing authorities should do more to help in Cairo. Georgia Congressman John Lewis last week said he’d like to see HUD do more to rebuild public housing in the far-southern Illinois city. HUD is closing two decrepit housing complexes and relocating 200 families. Lewis, who spent some time in Cairo in 1962, says the government ‘must help.’

Harold Promises To Use Illinois AG Office To Bust Corruption

(Urbana, IL) — Erika Harold is hitting on what’s considered the biggest weakness of Illinois’ current attorney general. Harold says if she wins, she will turn the office into a public corruption fighter. Harold over the weekend said she is running on the Republican ticket to add some teeth to the state’s response to public corruption. Republicans, and some Democrats, have long criticized current Attorney General Lisa Madigan for not doing enough to clean up state or local government in Illinois.

Authentic Cubs World Series Ring For Sale

(Chicago, IL) — You may soon be able to buy a piece of Cubs World Series lore. An authentic World Series Champion ring, from a scout, is up for sale at Leland’s Auctions. The auction house says the first bid is 19 hundred eight dollars, a nod to 1908 when the Cubs last won it all. But there’s a catch. The team sent everyone who got a championship ring a note that said the team had the first crack at buying the rings for just one dollar. The Cubs won the World Series a little bit more than a year ago.

News Headlines – October 9, 2017

October 8th, 2017

The Latest

(Undated) — Here is the latest news: Governor Rauner is doubtful the state has enough money to help pay for road projects related to the planned Obama Presidential Center in Chicago. No one is in custody following a deadly shooting in Rockford. A new trial date is set for a Decatur man accused of murdering his baby.

Rauner Doubts State Can Help Pay For Obama Center Road Projects

(Aurora, IL) — Governor Rauner is doubtful the state has enough money to help pay for road projects related to the planned Obama Presidential Center in Chicago. Speaking in Aurora yesterday, Rauner said Illinois faces deep financial constraints despite lawmakers approving a budget and tax hike. Senate President John Cullerton and House Speaker Michael Madigan could ask the state for more than 100-million-dollars.

Man Killed In Rockford Shooting

(Rockford, IL) — No one is in custody following a deadly shooting in Rockford. Police say a man was shot yesterday at point-blank range in the 300 block of Cole Avenue. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. His identity hasn’t been released.

Trial Date Pushed Back For Decatur Man Charged With Murdering Baby

(Decatur, IL) — A new trial date is set for a Decatur man accused of murdering his baby. Duan Lewis was set to be tried in Macon County Court later this month in the death of five-month-old Daniya Lewis. The date was pushed back to December 4th yesterday. Police say the child died in March after suffering injuries consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

Authorities ID Man Killed In Springfield Shooting

(Springfield, IL) — Authorities are identifying the man killed this week in a Springfield shooting. The Sangamon County Coroner’s Office says Steven Suber was found shot early Wednesday in the eleven-hundred block of Oakdale Drive. He died later at the hospital. The gunman remains on the loose.

Protesters Rally Against Conservative Speaker At U Of I

(Urbana, IL) — Protesters at the University of Illinois don’t want Charlie Kirk on campus. A group of students held a rally last night to protest a speech by the conservative speaker. Kirk is the founder of the national conservative student organization Turning Point USA. He discussed socialism at the event held at the Illini Union.

Burgoo Festival This Weekend In Utica

October 5th, 2017

Thousands of people will visit the village of Utica this weekend for the 48th annual Burgoo Festival. Over 375 vendors, flea marketers, and craftsmen will be in downtown Utica. There will also be a number of live musical events. The Burgoo is a pioneer stew that’s made with beef and a variety of vegetables, herbs and spices. It’s cooked outdoors on a wood-burning stove for over 12 hours. The Burgoo Festival serves as a fundraiser for the LaSalle County Historical Society to run the museum and offer other programs.

News Headlines – October 6, 2017

October 5th, 2017

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(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: The DCFS worker attacked in northern Illinois last week is still in a coma. Democratic candidate for governor Chris Kennedy says it’s ‘dangerous’ to embrace legal marijuana. Chicago aldermen are reportedly looking at Uber and Lyft fees to help balance their budget. A former local southern Illinois official is looking at federal embezzlement and wire fraud charges.

DCFS Worker In Coma After Attack

(Rockford, IL) — The latest update on the DCFS worker attacked in northern Illinois last week isn’t great news. DCFS officials say the case worker is still in a coma, even after two surgeries at a Rockford hospital. The man who allegedly attacked her, 25-year-old Andrew Sucher, is in jail in Carroll County. DCFS officials say the worker was looking to make sure Sucher wasn’t again near a two-year-old child that had been taken from his custody when she was attacked. Police say Sucher kicked her in the head until one of his relatives jumped on top of her to protect the case worker.

Chris Kennedy Says Legal Marijuana Has Dangers

(DeKalb, IL) — One of the Democrats running for Illinois governor says it’s dangerous to legalize marijuana just because Illinois is broke. Chris Kennedy told a crowd at Northern Illinois University on Tuesday night that he thinks it’s dangerous to embrace a ‘public health hazard’ just because Illinois wants more revenue. Kennedy is one of a handful of Democrats who aren’t ready to endorse legal, recreational marijuana in the state.

Chicago May Hike Uber, Left Fee To Balance Budget

(Chicago, IL) — The next time you catch an Uber or Lyft in Chicago, you could be helping to balance the city’s budget. Aldermen yesterday said they’d like to increase the city’s ride sharing fee as a way to raise money for the city. Right now, Chicago charges 52 cents per ride, but aldermen want to see that jump to one dollar. There’s also talk of a five dollar pick up fee if a ride share driver pick up passengers at McCormick Place, Navy Pier, or the city’s two airports.

New Owner, New Plan For Former Rock Falls Factory

(Rock Falls, IL) — There will once again be people coming and going from the former Black and Decker plant in Rock Falls. But they won’t be making things. Whiteside County Economic Development Director Gary Camarano yesterday said a new owner bought the old factory with plans to turn it into a distribution center. No one is saying how many new jobs will come with the new center.

Wire Fraud, Embezzlement Charges For Former Zeigler Treasurer

(Zeigler, IL) — Federal prosecutors say the former treasurer in a small southern Illinois town stole 300 thousand-dollars by using white out and a copy machine. A federal grand jury indicted former Zeigler treasurer Ryan Thorpe on embezzlement and wire fraud charges on Tuesday. Prosecutors say Thorpe wrote checks to himself from the city’s account, then used white out to blank-out his name, added the name of a city vendor, copied the check, then passed the copy off as the official entry into the city’s financial statements. Thorpe is looking at 40 years in prison. Zeigler’s mayor says he is shocked and saddened by the indictment.