News Headlines – November 19, 2018

November 19th, 2018

Peoria-Area Lawyers Argue That FOID Card Requirement Is Unconstitutional

A pair of defense lawyers in Peoria are trying a new argument against Illinois’ gun regulations. Chandra Justice and Mark Rose are challenging the requirement that people have a FOID card to own a gun, and concealed carry card that allows them to carry a gun. They say both laws violate the Second Amendment. But Peoria’s state’s attorney says their argument is flawed because they are basing their claim on a case from Hawaii, where there were no legal options to carry a gun.

At Least One Illinois Democrat Won’t Vote For Madigan

At least one Democrat in Springfield says she won’t vote for Mike Madigan. Newly elected state Representative Anne Stava-Murray, from Naperville, says she is not going to support Madigan in the election for House Speaker. She says voting for Madigan would sell-out her district. Madigan is the longest serving House Speaker in Illinois, and in the nation. He’s expected to be re-elected to another two-year term next week.

WIU Protestors Counter Westboro Baptist Church

As is often the case, the counter-protestors outnumbered the actual protestors at the latest stop for the Westboro Baptist Church. Students at Western Illinois University turned-out on Saturday to rally against the group from Kansas that is a fierce opponent of gays. Western played football against Indiana State University, which has a gay player. Western student Dannie Kyle says she wanted their protest to send a message that love is stronger than hate.

U Of I Wants More Money For Faculty

The University of Illinois says it needs more state money to hire professors, and keep the ones they have. More than two-thirds of the school’s nearly $100 million requested budget increase would go toward faculty salaries. U of I President Tim Killeen says other Big Ten schools pay their professors more, and hire more professors. He says the U of I needs to find a way to keep up.

Illinois’ Top Moments Up For A Vote At IllinoisTop200.Com

The planners for Illinois’ bicentennial best-of list saved the best for last. Voters this week are being asked to pick Illinois’ best moment. The choices include Rod Blagojevich’s arrest, Barack Obama’s election, the Lincoln-Douglas debates, and the Cubs winning the World Series. This is the last list that voters will see. After this the state will have its Top 200 list. You can, as always, vote at

News Headlines – November 16, 2018

November 16th, 2018

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Illinois’ latest jobless report shows a slowing jobs picture. University of Illinois trustees are once again giving the school’s president a 100-thousand-dollar bonus. Rockford Police are naming their suspect in a weekend killing.

>>Illinois Jobs Picture Flat, Unemployment Ticks Up

(Springfield, IL) — The latest Illinois unemployment report isn’t remarkable because of the jobless rate, but it is an important snapshot of the jobs picture in the state. The new report, released yesterday by the Illinois Department of Employment Security, says the jobless rate in the state ticked up a tenth of a point to four-point-two percent. But the report also says the state saw just three thousand jobs created each month in August, September, and October.

>>Adams County Grand Jury Sends Subpoenas In Quincy Vet Home Probe

(Quincy, IL) — The grand jury looking into the Legionnaires’ outbreak at the veterans home in Quincy wants a lot more information. A Chicago radio station reported yesterday that the grand jury has subpoenaed records from Governor Rauner’s office as well as two other state agencies. Last week the grand jury sent a subpoena to the Illinois Department of Public Health for its Quincy home records.

>>U Of I Trustees Okay 100-Thousand-Dollar Bonus For School President

(Chicago, IL) — The top man at the University of Illinois is getting another six-figure bonus. University trustees yesterday voted to give President Tim Killeen a 100-thousand-dollar bonus. It’s the second year in a row for the big bonus. Trustees say Killeen earned the extra bump. His total compensation from the school comes to just over 700-thousand-dollars this year.

>>Rock Island County Board Votes To Demolish Old Courthouse

(Rock Island, IL) — It doesn’t look like anyone on the Rock Island County Board is changing their mind about the county’s old courthouse. County leaders voted on Wednesday against a plan that would have stopped the wrecking ball. Rock Island has been trying to decide about the courthouse’s fate for almost a year, but this week’s vote may not bring them any closer to a final decision.

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>>Rockford Police ID Weekend Murder Suspect

(Rockford, IL) — Rockford Police say they know who they are looking for in a weekend murder, they just don’t know where he is. Investigators yesterday named 26-year-old Marquell Longs as their suspect in a Sunday shooting that left a 37-year-old woman dead and a 25-year-old man in the hospital. Police say Longs should be considered armed and dangerous; he’s wanted on a 10-million-dollar bond.

News Headlines – November 15, 2018

November 15th, 2018

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: The woman who pays Illinois’ bills says she wants to be the mayor of Chicago. Federal prosecutors are charging a southern Illinois woman for making threats against the state’s two U.S. senators. City leaders in Moline are looking to change video gambling advertisements.

>>Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza Launches Bid For Chicago Mayor

(Chicago, IL) — It’s one of the least surprising political moves of 2018. Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza yesterday officially entered the race for Chicago mayor. Voters have known about her plans for weeks, a campaign video leaked just before Election Day. There are already more than a dozen candidates running for mayor. Voters across the state elected Mendoza to a second term as comptroller just last week.

>>Illinois Capitol Cleared In Bomb Scare

(Springfield, IL) — The Illinois Secretary of State’s Police are looking for whoever called in a bomb threat to the Illinois Statehouse. Officers cleared the third and fourth floors of the capitol yesterday afternoon, and sent bomb sniffing dogs from office to office. Police gave lawmakers the all clear after about an hour.

>>Illinois Senate Overrides Veto Of Immigrant Crime Protections

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois lawmakers are a step closer to providing new legal protections to people who aren’t in this country legally. The Illinois Senate yesterday easily overrode Governor Rauner’s veto of a plan that would give police departments in the state 90 days to finish the paperwork that would allow immigrants to get visas to stay in the country. The idea is to protect people who have been the victim of a crime.

>>Federal Charges For Woman Over Threats To Illinois’ U.S. Senators

(Benton, IL) — Federal prosecutors are pushing ahead with charges against a southern Illinois woman who they say threatened the state’s two U.S. senators. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in southern Illinois yesterday said that Jura Perkins made more than 200 calls to both Senator Dick Durbin and Senator Tammy Duckworth between the end of May and the end of October; they say she’d insult the senators and threaten their office employees.

>>Moline Looks To Limit Video Gaming Advertising

(Moline, IL) — The city of Moline is looking to limit how and how many ways bars and restaurants can advertise video poker. Alderman David Parker on Tuesday said he wants to cut down on the number of ads. He says bars with three or four video poker machines have as many as ten signs that advertise them. Moline’s council could vote on a plan before the end of the year.

News Headlines – November 14, 2018

November 14th, 2018

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Illinois isn’t getting Amazon’s second headquarters. A central Illinois teacher is facing charges that he inappropriately touched a former student. Police in Decatur say a 12-year-old is dead after a young man was playing with a gun.

>>Illinois Isn’t Getting Amazon’s Second Headquarters

(Chicago, IL) — Taxpayers will likely never know how much the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago spent to try to land Amazon’s second headquarters. The company yesterday said it is picking New York City and northern Virginia for its second headquarters. Both the state and the city of Chicago made extensive bids to try to land HQ2 and the 50 thousand jobs that Amazon said would go with it.

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>>Central Illinois Teacher Indicted For Inappropriately Touching Former Student

(Peoria, IL) — A Peoria-area teacher is looking at an aggravated battery charge after a former student says he touched her inappropriately. A grand jury yesterday indicted Limestone Community High School teacher William Wood. Prosecutors say he grabbed the former student in January of last year. The former student says he grabbed her buttocks. The Limestone school district placed Wood on paid leave after the former student sued back in September.

>>Decatur Police: 12-Year-Old Dead After Accidental Shooting

(Decatur, IL) — Police in Decatur say a 12-year-old is dead after an accidental shooting. It happened Monday night at a home on the city’s near-east side. The victim, Marqueius Gray, died at a local hospital. Decatur Police say they arrested Avante Flesch not long after the shooting. Gray’s family says the shooting was an accident; they say Flesch was playing with a gun when it went off.

>>Rock Island Moving To Ban Single Serve Alcohol From Downtown

(Rock Island, IL) — City leaders in Rock Island are moving toward banning big cans of beer and little bottles of alcohol in the city’s downtown. The city council voted Monday to ban the sale of single servings of alcohol, but the ban is on hold until the full council can vote. Owners of the only store that sells single servings of alcohol in downtown Rock Island, the 2nd Avenue Market, say the ban would devastate their business. City leaders say the single servings are driving an uptick in drunkenness and arrests in downtown Rock Island.

>>Illinois’ First Shotgun Deer Season Opens This Weekend

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois deer hunters are getting ready to hit the fields in numbers. The state’s first shotgun deer season opens this weekend. Ed Cross with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources says deer hunters started archery season back in October. But he says shotgun season is the busiest and most popular in the state.

News Headlines – November 13, 2018

November 13th, 2018

WSJ: Chicago Loses Amazon HQ2

Chicago won’t be the home of Amazon’s coveted second headquarters. The Wall Street Journal reports the e-commerce giant will open headquarters in New York City and northern Virginia. An announcement could come as early as today. The online retail giant has said its second headquarters will create about 50-thousand new jobs.


Lawmakers Don’t Expect Much From Fall Veto Session

Lawmakers in Springfield don’t expect to do much this month. The legislature is due back at the Capitol later today for the annual veto session. Springfield Republican State Representative Tim Butler says because J.B. Pritzker won the election, that has changed the calculus at the statehouse. He says a new governor and a new Democratic legislature will mean a different approach next year.


J.B. Pritzker Pledges To Live In The Governor’s Mansion

Illinois’ governor-elect is promising to live in the governor’s mansion. J.B. Pritzker says he will split his time between Chicago and Springfield. Pritzker says he intends to move into the newly renovated governor’s mansion in Springfield after he takes office. But he says he will also commute back to his home in Chicago.


Abraham Lincoln Named Illinois’ Best Leader Of The Bicentennial

No one should be surprised by the name at the top of the list of Illinois’ best leaders. The state’s bicentennial voters have picked Abraham Lincoln as the best leader of the past 200 years. In fact the top four names on the list — Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, and Ulysses S. Grant — are all former presidents. Women’s advocate Jane Adams is fifth on the list.