News Headlines – August 15, 2018

August 15th, 2018

Governor’s Day at the Illinois State Fair

Illinois Republicans are converging on Springfield and the Illinois State Fair for Governor’s Day. Today’s festivities draw a focus on the crucial November balloting. Governor Bruce Rauner is trying to win re-election along with a slate of statewide and congressional candidates. Rain is forecast all day. Democrat Day is tomorrow.

Joe Biden Cancels On Illinois Democrats

Illinois Democrats need a new headliner for their big day at the State Fair. Former Vice President Joe Biden is canceling his visit tomorrow. He reportedly is sick and under a doctor’s order not to travel. Biden was supposed to deliver a speech to Democratic candidates and party officials ahead of their annual rally at the Illinois State Fair.

Chicago, Springfield, Rockford Lead Illinois’ Opioid Help Calls

The Illinois Department of Human Services says five thousand people have called the state’s new opioid helpline. DHS officials say Chicago, Springfield, and Rockford lead the list of cities with the most calls. But Human Service officials warn that’s not a complete list, because callers are not required to say where they’re from.

Tennessee Waffle House Suspect Found Unfit For Trial

The central Illinois man accused of shooting up a Tennessee Waffle House won’t be going to trial anytime soon. A judge has declared Travis Rynking mentally unfit for trial. Police say Reinking killed four people last April. Prosecutors say he needs more mental health treatment before he can face the murder charges.

Governor Rauner Promises A Million Dollars For Fairgrounds Coliseum

Governor Rauner looks to be the biggest donor yet to the Illinois State Fair’s foundation. The governor yesterday said he’s donating a million dollars to fix the State Fair Coliseum. The Coliseum has been closed for the past two years because of structural weaknesses. The governor says he’s working with other donors to fix some of the other needs at the fairgrounds.

News Headlines – August 14, 2018

August 14th, 2018

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: A new report says only one in four kindergarteners in Illinois is ready for the first grade. Lawyers for a southern Illinois man want to revisit his murder conviction because they say there is not enough evidence. Animal rescuers in Rockford say they’re dealing with a parvo outbreak.

>>New Report: Only 24 Percent Of Kindergarteners Ready For School

(Springfield, IL) — A new report says three-quarters of Illinois kindergarteners aren’t ready to start the first grade. The Illinois State Board of Education yesterday released a report that says only 24 percent of young children are where they’re supposed to be when it comes to social-emotional development, language and literacy, and math at the end of kindergarten. A State Board spokeswoman said the report shows that Illinois has a lot of work to do in getting kids ready for elementary school.

>>Lawyers For Southern Illinois Man Push Back On Murder Conviction

(Murphyboro, IL) — A southern Illinois man convicted of murder for the 2014 death of an SIU student is getting more time before he could head to prison. A judge yesterday delayed 24-year-old Gaege Bethune’s sentencing till September. Bethune’s new lawyers are trying to fight his conviction, they say there’s not enough evidence to support a murder charge. Prosecutors say Bethune got into a fight with SIU student Pravin Varughese in February of 2014 that led to his death of hypothermia.

>>Former Mercer County School Bookkeeper Charged With Theft

(Aledo, IL) — Prosecutors say Mercer County Schools’ former bookkeeper stole tens of thousands of dollars over a couple of years. The Mercer County State’s Attorney’s Office yesterday announced charges against Angie Dellitt. She’s facing two counts of theft, one that covers what investigators say she took from the school and another that covers what she allegedly took from Mercer County Schools’ booster club. Prosecutors say she spent the money on trips, meals, and hotel rooms.

>>McLean County Democrats To Fight Signatures In Election Consolidation Drive

(Bloomington, IL) — Democratic leaders in McLean County are getting ready to challenge the folks who want to combine the county’s two election offices. Democratic chairman Eric Rankin yesterday said he thinks there are problems with signatures on the petition to consolidate Bloomington’s election commission and the county’s election office. Rankin says he thinks Democrats can get the question removed from the November ballot.

>>Rockford Shelter Warns Pet Owners About Parvo Outbreak

(Rockford, IL) — Animal rescuers in Rockford are warning pet owners about a parvo outbreak. Managers at Winnebago County’s Animal Services shelter yesterday said that anyone who adopted a dog from the shelter in the past ten days needs to get to a vet immediately. The shelter says they are doing all they can to fight the outbreak. Parvo is very contagious among dogs, but can be prevented through a vaccine.

News Headlines – August 13, 2018

August 13th, 2018

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: A new law is giving Illinois high school students a shot at more dual credit classes before college. Shelters across Illinois are stepping-up to help the 91 dogs rescued from a southern Illinois home. The post office in Fairview, Illinois is officially named for a fallen local hero.

>>New Law Allows Illinois Students To Take More Dual Credit Classes

(Springfield, IL) — One of Illinois’ newest laws could help high school students in the state get a jump on a college degree. Governor Rauner signed a law on Friday to change the state’s school code to allow students to take more dual credit classes. The old law limited how many dual credit courses kids could take. The new law says as long as the classes are taught by a qualified teacher, students can take as many as they please.

>>Animal Shelters Across Illinois Offer Help For 91 Rescued Dogs

(Benton, IL) — Animal control managers in southern Illinois say they’re getting plenty of offers to help with 91 rescued dogs. Authorities in Franklin County took the dogs from a local family last week, and they say the home was filthy and some of the dogs were very sick. Franklin County Animal Control Officer Paris Dunk says their shelter only has 16 kennels. Shelters across southern Illinois, and as far north as Pekin have offered help.

>>Man Charged After Four-Year-Old Finds Gun In Backpack

(Edwardsville, IL) — Prosecutors in the Metro East are pushing ahead with charges against a father who police say sent his son to daycare with a gun in his backpack. The Belleville News-Democrat reports that 32-year-old Joshua Finley is facing reckless conduct charges. Police say Finley left the gun in his son’s nap time bag, and that the little boy found the weapon.

>>Fairview Illinois Post Office Named For Fallen Soldier

(Fairview, IL) — There’s now a plaque that will keep Sergeant Douglas Riney’s memory alive. Local leaders in Fairview, Illinois on Friday dedicated the local post office to Riney. He died in Afghanistan back in 2016 while serving with the First Cavalry Division. Riney’s wife says the dedication will help their kids remember their father forever.

>>Democrat Pritzker Launches Statewide Bus Tour

(Chicago, IL) — The Democrat running for Illinois governor is getting a broader view of the state. J.B. Pritzker and his running mate Juliana Stratton launched their Think Big statewide bus tour on Saturday. Pritzker and Stratton say they will criss-cross the state, ending their journey in Springfield on Thursday.

News Headlines – August 10, 2018

August 10th, 2018

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says Chicago’s mayor has failed to stop gun violence in the city. The University of Illinois is out with a report that says the first few weeks of school are crucial in fighting sexual misconduct. The power is back on in and around Bloomington.

>>Governor Rauner Blames Mayor Emanuel For Chicago Gun Violence

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says Chicago’s mayor has failed to stop the violence in the city. Rauner yesterday blamed Mayor Rahm Emanuel for a spike in shootings in the city, including a violent weekend last weekend that left more than 70 people wounded or dead. The governor says Emanuel has failed horribly.

>>Illinois Election Managers: 76 Thousand Voters Hacked In 2016

(Springfield, IL) — The Illinois State Board of Elections says 76 thousand voters in the state had their information hacked back in 2016, not a half-million. ISBE Director Steve Sandvoss wrote Governor Rauner a letter last week saying that the FBI’s July indictment of Russia hackers mentioned 500 thousand voters having their personal information accessed. But Sandvoss says the FBI assured him that Illinois had only 76 thousand exposures.

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>>U Of I Report: Start Of School Key To Fight Sexual Misconduct

(Urbana, IL) — A new report from the University of Illinois says the first few weeks of school are key in fighting sexual misconduct on campus. The school released the report yesterday; it says the biggest problems with sexual misconduct are among freshmen during the first two months of classes. The report is based on a student survey from back in 2017 that asked over 12 thousand students about their sexual experiences at the university.

>>Ameren, Corn Belt Say Power Restored Near Bloomington

(Bloomington, IL) — It was a blown fuse. Ameren officials say a pair of fuses in Bloomington failed yesterday and knocked out power to almost 18 hundred customers. Ameren and Corn Belt Energy said they both had customers in the dark yesterday afternoon. It took crews about a half hour to get most of the lights back on.

>>Hawk Newberry’s Family Says Their Push Saved A Life

(Rock Island, IL) — The family of the little boy who drowned in the Mississippi River last month says they helped save a man’s life on the river this week. Hawk Newberry’s aunt says she and her husband used a donated life jacket to help rescue a man from the Mississippi Wednesday night. Nita Newberry says without the attention paid to Hawk, the man in the river may not have been rescued in time.

News Headlines – August 9, 2018

August 9th, 2018

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says he’s not going to send the Illinois National Guard to Chicago. Three people in southern Illinois are in custody after animal rescuers took over 90 dogs from their home. City leaders in Effingham say their local mall is unsafe, and needs to be fixed.

>>Governor Rauner Won’t Send Illinois Guard To Chicago

(Peoria, IL) — Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says he’s not going to send the Illinois National Guard to Chicago. The governor yesterday told reporters that the state’s citizen soldiers are not the right fit to patrol the city of Chicago. A number of media outlets reported this week that the governor was thinking about sending troops to the city to help fight a spike in gun violence. Rauner said sending the guard into the city would be a mistake.

>>Franklin County Authorities Find 91 Dogs In Deplorable Conditions

(Benton, IL) — A woman and her two adult sons are in custody in southern Illinois after animal rescuers say they took over 90 dogs from their Franklin County home. Franklin County deputies arrested 54-year-old Trudie Casler, 32-year-old Matthew Casler, and 30-year-old Sean Casler after finding 91 dogs in their home in rural Macedonia. Rescuers say some of the dogs may eventually be available for adoption, but many of them are blind or sick because of poor care.

>>Skimmers Found At Central Illinois Gas Station

(Morton, IL) — If you bought gas in Morton, Illinois, you may want to check your credit card statement. Morton Police yesterday said they found credit card skimmers at two Circle K gas stations in town. Morton Police say they don’t know how long the skimmers were in place, or how many people were victimized.

>>Effingham Council Declares Local Mall Unsafe

(Effingham, IL) — Effingham city leaders are demanding that something be done about their local mall. The city’s council on Tuesday approved an ordinance to force managers at the Village Square Mall to clean up the building and fix a number of problems. City leaders say the mall is dangerous and unsafe. Mall managers say they are working to fix the mall’s problems.

>>Illinois Butter Cow Unveiled Ahead Of State Fair

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois’ latest butter cow spans 200 years. The folks with the Midwest Dairy Association yesterday unveiled the cow, which was made from 600 pounds of butter. The cow is a throwback to the grand champion cow of the 1818 State Fair. And because this is Illinois, the butter cow is standing next to one of Abraham Lincoln’s top hats. You can see the butter cow at the Dairy Building at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield.