Bureau County Sheriff Warns Of Scam Resurfacing

February 22nd, 2018

Bureau County Sheriff Jim Reed is warning residents of another scam that has resurfaced. A county board member recently reported they received a robo-call message stating that their Microsoft software had been hacked and their services compromised. There were instructions to call a telephone number (866-978- 5727) to resolve the issue.

A call was made to this number and a man stating he was “Jes” from
Microsoft answered. After advising “Jes” that they had received a message that their computer was hacked, he instructed them to turn on their computer and ask for information from the computer.


Sherrif Reed says DO NOT contact these people and do not provide them with any information. He says these criminals are looking to obtain personal information about you and any account you may have. Report any such calls you receive to the Bureau County Sheriff’s Department.

News Headlines – February 23, 2017

February 22nd, 2018

The Latest 

(Undated)  —  Here’s the latest news:  Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says he’s ‘reconsidering’ the decision to keep veterans at the state’s home in Quincy. Students in Rock Island joined the national school walk out for gun control yesterday. Illinois’ flu cases are dipping again. Investigators say they may never know the cause of a fire in Bloomington that left a dozen people homeless.

>>Governor Rauner ‘Reconsidering’ Keeping vets At Quincy Home 

(Springfield, IL)  —  Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is hinting that he may close the state’s veterans home in Quincy. The governor yesterday said that he is ‘reconsidering’ keeping the vets at the home after a fourth person in a little more than a week was diagnosed with Legionnaires disease. The state has been fighting Legionnaires at the Quincy home since 2015.  In all 13 people have died and dozens have gotten sick. Rauner’s political opponents say he hasn’t done enough to keep the veterans in Quincy safe. 

>>Rock Island Students Join Gun Control Walk Out 

(Rock Island, IL)  —  It’s not just Florida. Students in the Quad Cities yesterday joined what became a national walk out to advocate for gun control after the latest school shooting in Florida. About 40 students at Rock Island High School joined the movement, many more added their support on social media. Dozens of other schools across the state said they also saw students walk out in solidarity. 

>>Flu Fading In Illinois 

(Springfield, IL)  —  The flu is fading in Illinois. The state’s latest report to the CDC, for the second week of February, shows another dip in the number of people showing up in intensive care units with the flu. Just 93 new cases of the flu were reported in ICUs across the state during that week. Illinois doesn’t track the number of people who get sick with the flu, just the number of people who are admitted to the ICU and the number of children who die. For the season, four children have died from the flu in Illinois. 

>>Bloomington Fire Investigators May Never Know Fire’s Cause 

(Bloomington, IL)  —  Fire investigators in Bloomington say they may never know what started a fire earlier this month that left a dozen people homeless. Bloomington Fire Department spokesman Stuart Blade said there is just too much damage at the apartment building on the city’s east side to get to the cause of the fire. Seven families lost their homes in the fire. City attorneys in Bloomington say the apartment building had a history of troubles, and the owners were cited nearly 800 times for everything from chipped paint to missing smoke detectors. 

>>Quad Cities Eagle Nest Has One Egg 

(Davenport, IA)  —  Eagle watchers in the Quad Cities are now watching an egg. Managers at the Arconic plant in Davenport, Iowa say the nest at the plant has an egg that they hope will become a hatchling. The former Alcoa plant has kept an eye on local eagles since 2010. The adult eagles at the nest, Liberty and Justice, are thought to have laid the egg last week. If you want to watch the egg’s progress, you can check out the webcam at

News Headlines – February 22, 2017

February 21st, 2018

The Latest 

(Undated)  —  Here’s the latest news:  Illinois’ senior U.S. Senator says no one needs an AR 15 to hunt deer. Some Illinoislawmakers are furious after managers at the Quincy veterans home blew-off a statehouse hearing yesterday. Three downstate airports want permission to tax more people. The owner of an apartment building in Bloomington is due to answer questions next week about the nearly 800 code violations his building racked up before it caught fire earlier this month. 

>>Durbin: No One Needs AR 15 To Hunt 

(East Moline, IL)  —  Illinois’ senior U.S. Senator says AR 15 rifles aren’t for hunting. Senator Dick Durbin told a crowd of school kids in East Moline yesterday that the debate over assault rifles is missing something when people try to make the case that the ubiquitous black rifle is a tool for deer hunters. Durbin told the kids that he thinks states need to get more serious about background checks to keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill or dangerous people. 

>>Quincy Veterans Home Managers Skip Statehouse Legionnaires Disease 

(Springfield, IL)  —  A handful of Illinois lawmakers are fuming after the managers at Illinois’ veterans home in Quincy blew-off a statehouse hearing. An Illinois senate panel yesterday wanted answers from the state’s Department of Public Health and the IllinoisDepartment of Veterans Affairs about the ongoing Legionnaires outbreak at the home. But the agency directors were a no-show. It’s not clear when they will be summoned back to the statehouse. 

>>Quad Cities Airport Wants Permission To Expand Tax Reach 

(Springfield, IL)  —  Managers at the Quad Cities airport are asking Illinois lawmakers for permission to tax more people. The Quad-City International Airport is one of three downstate airports included in a new plan that’d expand their tax bases beyond their traditional boundaries. The airports in Bloomington-Normal and Rockford are the other two. Quad Cities airport chairman Jim Bohnsack says the Quad Cities area has grown since the airport started taxing back in 1947, and now serves people who don’t pay for the airport’s operations. Lawmakers filed the plan last week. 

>>Madigan Agrees To Cooperate With Campaign Sexual Harassment Probe 

(Springfield, IL)  —  The top Democrat in Illinois says he will cooperate with a review of sexual harassment policies in his political organization. House Speaker Mike Madigan made the announcement yesterday, just hours after Democratic lawmakers demanded an investigation. State Rep Kelly Cassidy said there are too many unanswered questions about Madigan’s operation. Her calls came a day after a second Madigan political lieutenant was shown the door over complaints about his behavior. 

>>Bloomington Apartment Owner To Answer Code Violation Questions After Fire 

(Bloomington, IL)  —  City leaders in Bloomington will likely have a lot of questions for a local apartment owner cited almost 800 times on a building that caught fire this month. Owner Wayne Pelhank and contract-for-deed purchaser Ed Duran are facing a hearing next week to answer for the 527 pending code violations at their apartment on Bloomington’s east side. No one was hurt in the fire, but a dozen families were left homeless.

News Headlines – February 21, 2017

February 20th, 2018

The Latest 

(Undated)  —  Here’s the latest news:  Illinois’ Department of Veterans Affairs is pushing back on a report that it could have quickly, and easily replaced the pipes at the Quincy veterans home. Looks like there won’t be a Democratic debate for governor outside of the city of Chicago. Illinois has a new sexual harassment complaint hotline. 

>>Illinois VA Pushes Back Against Low Cost Repair Report 

(Springfield, IL)  —  The Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs is pushing back against a report that says it could have replaced the aging pipes at the Quincy veterans home for just eight million-dollars.  VA spokesman Dave MacDonna yesterday said that report, based on a 2016 study, doesn’t cover the entire scope of the needs at the home. MacDonna says the 2016 report covers the cost to replace the pipes in just 12 buildings. He said the VA’s price tag to replace the plumbing in all 32 buildings is closer to 25 million-dollars. 

>>Downstate Democratic Governor’s Debate Canceled 

(Champaign, IL)  —  Looks like voters outside of the city of Chicago won’t get a chance to hear the Democratic candidates for governor talk to them. A number of Chicago TV stations reported last night that the Democratic debate planned for Champaign is being canceled. Frontrunner J.B. Pritzker doesn’t want to participate, and the Champaign TV station that was to be the host the debate doesn’t want to do it without him. 

>>Illinois Creates Sexual Harassment Hotline 

(Springfield, IL)  —  There is a new hotline for anyone who is a victim of harassment or inappropriate behavior in the workplace in Illinois. The IllinoisDepartment of Human Rights announced a sexual harassment hotline late last week. The idea is to give people a way to report harassment privately, without fear of retribution. The hotline will be staffed during business hours during the week, the number to call is 877-236-7703. 

>>SIU Museum Reopens 

(Carbondale, IL)  —  Southern Illinois University’s museum is back up and running. The school reopened the museum this month. SIU closed the museum last year as part if a round of budget cuts. The museum is home to 70 thousand artifacts that deal with the school and the region. The closure did cost the museum its accreditation, though, and managers say it could take a while to regain that honor.

News Headlines – February 20, 2017

February 19th, 2018

The Latest 

(Undated)  —  Here’s the latest news:  Illinois is going to be wet most of the week. The state isn’t saying much more about the response to the latest Legionnaires outbreak. Peoria Police are still looking for an answer as to why a man drove a stolen SUV into Peoria’s main airport terminal. One man is wounded and another is in jail after an officer-involved shooting in East St. Louis. 

>>Plenty Of Rain In Illinois’ Forecast 

(Lincoln, IL)  —  It’s going to rain pretty much most of the week, no matter where you are in Illinois. The National Weather Service says the rain will start today, and as much as five inches of rain will fall in some places. Forecasters are already issuing a number of flood watches, including the Rock River in the Quad Cities and the Ohio River in southern Illinois. 

>>Few Answers About Chester Mental Health Center Legionnaires Outbreak 

(Chester, IL)  —  There’s no word when the state will have more answers about the Legionnaires outbreak at a southern Illinois mental health facility. The IllinoisDepartment of Mental Health late last week said it is still waiting for tests to come back about the water supply at the home after a resident came down with Legionnaires earlier this month. The center in Chester is the third state facility to confirm Legionnaires or the presence of Legionella, which causes the disease. 

>>Police Still Looking Into Peoria Airport Ramming 

(Peoria, IL)  —  Investigators in Peoria aren’t saying why a man rammed a stolen SUV into the city’s airport. Peoria Police say they’re not sure if the man had a psychotic break or was high on drugs when he smashed into the main terminal at General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport Saturday morning. Police say the man then ran into the airport. He was arrested. Airport managers say it could be a few days before the damage is cleaned-up and everything is back to normal. 

>>Speaker Madigan Looks To Move Forward From Sexual Harassment Complaint 

(Springfield, IL)  —  Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan says he’s looking to move forward from the latest sexual harassment complaint at the Capitol. Madigan sent a letter to lawmakers on Friday that said he takes responsibility for what was not done when a political staffer complained about harassment last year. Madigan said the ‘knock it off’ mentality is not enough, and added that ‘we must do better.’ 

>>East St. Louis Officer-Involved Shooting Leaves One Wounded, One Arrested 

(East St. Louis, IL)  —  One person is recovering and another is in jail after an officer-involved shooting in East St. Louis. The Illinois State Police say it happened early Sunday morning at a McDonald’s in the city. East St. Louis Police say the two suspects were involved in another shooting not long before. Troopers say one of the men put his gun outside their vehicle when officers approached, and that’s when the shooting started. No one else was hurt in the shooting at the McDonald’s.