Second Clue Released In Heartland Bank’s Great Medallion Hunt

The 2014 Heartland Bank Great Medallion Hunt continues! The second clue was announced this morning by Tracy Makransky on 1490 WZOE-AM: We told you this year we would change things around, Don’t give up, keep looking, and soon it’ll be found. It’s not at the fair, cemetery or City-County Park, It might prove difficult to find in the dark. Have you looked in the fields where the children play? It’s not likely you’ll find it there, at night or by day. Hunters need to decipher the…

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Illinois Briefs – 9/2/14

State Accepting Medical Marijuana Apps (Springfield, IL) -- The state is now accepting medical marijuana applications from patients whose last names begin with A through L. Those who are planning to apply will need to have a prescription from their doctor. They'll also need to get a background check. The Department of Health will have up to 30-days to review the application. Patients who are approved will be allowed to get up two-and-a-half ounces of medical marijuana every two…

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Final Day of Kewanee Hog Days

It’s the final day of the annual Hog Days Celebration in Kewanee. The event features the world’s largest outdoor pork barbecue and the tallest portable Ferris wheel in the United States. There’s also a craft show and flea market among many other activities. Today’s main stage events include the band Captain Rat and the Blind Rivets. For more information and a detailed schedule of activities, go online to…

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Tri-County Fair wraps up in Mendota

The Tri-County Fair wraps up its four-day run with the demolition derby this afternoon. Other events today include the open beef show and the chainsaw carving auction. The fair is happening at the fairgrounds in Mendota. For more details, go online at…

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Illinois Briefs – 9/1/14

Quinn Living On Minimum Wage (Chicago, IL) -- Governor Quinn is on a very tight budget this week. He's planning to live on just 79-dollars until Saturday. That's the estimated amount that minimum wage workers have left over once they pay taxes, rent, and the cost of transportation. Quinn has been pushing to get the minimum wage raised to ten-bucks an hour but the plan has stalled in the legislature. Voters will have a chance to weigh in on whether the wage should be raised in the November…

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Illinois Briefs – 8/30/14

State Issues Proposed Fracking Regulations (Springfield, IL) -- The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has finally released the set of proposed rules for the oil and gas drilling process known as fracking. Environmentalists have criticized draft versions of the rules as being too lenient, while industry groups have bemoaned the delay that has meant no drilling permits have been issued for sites in southern Illinois. The IDNR report has been delivered to the Joint Committee on…

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First Clue Released In Heartland Bank’s Great Medallion Hunt

It’s official; the 2014 Heartland Bank Great Medallion Hunt is underway! The first clue was announced earlier today by Tracy Makransky on 1490 WZOE-AM: It’s that time of year for the adventure to begin, Heartland’s Great Medallion Hunt will have a new spin. Some clues will tell you where it is not, Please stay away from trees, bushes and flower pots. Twenty-seven years we’ve been hiding the disc, You won’t need to dig, climb or put yourself at risk. Hunters need to decipher…

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Illinois Briefs – 8/29/14

Rain Expected To Stick Around (Lincoln, IL) -- The rain is expected to stick around for the next several days. The National Weather Service reports scattered thunderstorms could hit much of central Illinois between now and next Tuesday. Officials say it's too soon to say if there will be any severe weather risks but with plenty of rain in the forecast, people should keep an eye out for standing water. Never try to walk or drive through standing water because doing so increases the odds of…

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Annual Hog Days Celebration Gets Underway in Kewanee

It’s the opening day of the annual Hog Day Celebration in Kewanee, featuring the world’s largest outdoor pork barbecue, the tallest portable ferris wheel in the United States. Also featuring a craft show and flea market and the featured performers tonight are the Cook & Belle Band playing country rock. Hog Days runs through Labor Day in Kewanee. For more information and a detailed schedule of events, go online to…

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Illinois Briefs – 8/28/14

Fracking Rules Available To Public Tomorrow (Springfield, IL) -- The state's new fracking rules are slated to be available to the public tomorrow but oil and gas drillers will have to wait a while longer before applying for a permit. That's because a legislative committee will need to sign off on the rules first. The fracking issue has been the center of intense debate in Springfield over the past couple of years. Supporters say it could lead to an oil boom, which would boost the state's…

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