News Headlines – November 30, 2018

Last Updated on November 30th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

Illinois Lawmakers Wrap-Up Session For 2018

Illinois lawmakers are done for the year, but not done yet. Both the Illinois House and Senate left Springfield yesterday. They spent two weeks of veto session dealing with plans that the governor vetoed. Lawmakers are not done yet, though, they’re due back at the Capitol in early January before a new General Assembly is sworn-in on January 9th.

Cheri Bustos Elected To Head Democratic Congressional Election Effort

The Quad Cities’ Democratic congresswoman is getting a big promotion. Congresswoman Cheri Bustos yesterday announced that Democrats picked her to run the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. That means she will be in charge of getting Democrats across the country elected to congress. Bustos says her strategy is to protect the new Democratic majority, and go on the attack in some Republican districts as well.

Lawmakers Fail To Overturn Veto Of Smoking Plan

Eighteen-year-olds in Illinois will still be able to buy cigarettes and other tobacco products, at least for now. Lawmakers in Springfield couldn’t find the votes this week to overturn the governor’s veto of a plan to raise the smoking age to 21. Advocates say they will try again next year. The failure does nothing to change local smoking age laws in cities or towns across the state.

Governor Rauner: I’m Scared For Illinois’ Future

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says the people who ruined the state are now in charge of it. The governor blasted the incoming Democratic governor and Democratic majority at a statehouse news conference yesterday. Rauner says he fears for the state because of the policies that Democrats are promising to embrace.

Time Running Out To Buy Health Insurance

If you have to buy your own health insurance, you need to move quickly. The open enrollment deadline for anyone who doesn’t get insurance through their job or through the state of Illinois has till December 15th to buy a plan. You can find out more at

New Plan Could Change Illinois High School Football

High schools across Illinois will start voting next week on a plan that could drastically change high school football. The Illinois High School Association, which oversees high school sports in the state, is asking schools to vote on a proposal to eliminate football conferences and move to districts. The idea is to balance the competition between schools based on their size and where they are in the state. The change would also tweak how teams are chosen for the playoffs, but would not cut the number of teams or the number of football classes.

Quincy’s Dollhouse Museum To Close

One of western Illinois’ most unique museums is closing. Managers at Quincy’s Dollhouse Museum say they will close their doors this weekend. In fact, the museum is selling its entire collection. The Dollhouse Museum helped trace the history of dollhouses, including those made before 1900.