News Headlines – November 5, 2018

Last Updated on November 5th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

Early Voting Numbers Continue To Grow

Nearly a million people in Illinois will have one less thing to do tomorrow. The Illinois State Board of Elections says 800 thousand people have already voted this year and the state’s early voting numbers are certain to grow today. Election officials say more people may vote early this year than they did in 2016.


President Obama, Speaker Ryan Among Big Names Campaigning In Illinois

Illinois voters are hearing from some of the nation’s most popular leaders as they get ready to head to the polls. Former President Barack Obama and House Speaker Paul Ryan both campaigned in Illinois over the weekend. Ryan spent time in the Chicago suburbs with Congressman Randy Hultgren. Obama rallied Democrats in Chicago.


Report: Illinois Comptroller To Run For Chicago Mayor

The woman who pays Illinois’ bills may not be long for her job. Comptroller Susanna Mendoza is on tomorrow’s ballot as she’s running for her second term as Illinois Comptroller. But reports out of Chicago say Mendoza has already produced a commercial that announces a run for Chicago Mayor. Mendoza’s camp says the ad was stolen, and says they are still looking at their options.


Quad Cities State Senate Race Second Most Expensive In Illinois

It’s not just Illinois’ race for governor that is racking up a huge price tag. Numbers from the Illinois State Board of Elections show that the race in the Quad Cities, between Republican Senator Neil Anderson and Democrat Gregg Johnson, is a nearly-four million-dollar race. Johnson has a slight edge in fundraising. Politicos say the cost of the race is just one more piece of evidence that spending this election year is not just limited to the top of the ballot.