News Headlines – October 9, 2018

Last Updated on October 9th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Voters will get two chances to see Illinois’ major party candidates for governor this week. Western Illinois University is looking at another way to keep costs in check. There really was an alligator in Lake Michigan.

>>Rauner, Pritzker To Face Each Other Twice This Week

(Chicago, IL) — Illinois voters will get two chances to see Governor Rauner and J.B. Pritzker answer questions at the same time, in the same room this week. The governor and his Democratic challenger will appear together in front of the Chicago Sun Times editorial board today. They’ll meet again in Quincy the day after tomorrow. The Quincy debate is their only debate outside of Chicago.

>>WIU Unveils New Cost-Cutting Program

(Macomb, IL) — Students at Western Illinois University already pay the same rate for tuition for all fours years of school, now they will pay the same rate for a dorm and dining plan. The school yesterday announced a new Promise Plus program which freezes the costs of room, board, meals, books, and classroom materials. Students will pay the same price for four years. Western’s Darcie Shinberger says Promise Plus is just one more attempt to get Illinois students to go to Western Illinois University.

>>Report On Canton Explosion Due Soon

(Canton, IL) — City leaders in Canton could soon know all of the details about the 2016 explosion that leveled the city’s Opera House. The Peoria Journal Star yesterday reported that the NTSB could issue its report on the explosion in the next few weeks. One person died in November of 2016 when a natural gas line exploded at the Opera House in downtown Canton. Canton Mayor Kent McDowell says a lot of people want to see the report, not to assign blame, but to answer any lingering questions.

>>Rockford’s Rock Regatta Canceled

(Rockford, IL) — Boaters won’t be racing down the Rock River in Rockford this weekend. Managers of the Head of the Rock Regatta yesterday canceled this weekend’s race because the river is too high. There’s no make-up date for this year’s race. The hope is to race again next year.

>>Alligator Found In Lake Michigan

(Waukegan, IL) — It’s not a tornado full of sharks, but it is one of those headlines that will make you scratch your head. Waukegan Police say they found an alligator swimming in Lake Michigan. The gator had tape over its mouth, and was found just north of Waukegan Harbor. Rescuers aren’t sure where the alligator came from. They took the gator to Wildlife Discovery Center in nearby Lake Forest.