News Headlines – October 4, 2018

Last Updated on October 5th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Voters in and around Chicago got their second look at Governor Rauner and J.B. Pritzker on the same stage at the same time last night. A lot of people in Illinois are asking for a medical marijuana card. Dixon High School’s accused school shooter is looking at charges for fighting with inmates in jail.

>>Toilets, Taxes, Quincy Veterans Home Takes Center Stage At Second Debate

(Chicago, IL) — The two major party candidates running for Illinois governor talked about toilets, taxes, and the new investigation into the deaths at the Quincy veterans home, but they didn’t have many answers. Governor Bruce Rauner and Democrat J.B. Pritzker debated in Chicago last night. The two hammered each other over the scandals surrounding their campaigns, Pritzker’s toilet scheme and Rauner’s handling of the Legionnaires outbreak in Quincy. As for specifics as to what they’d do if elected, both stuck with their talking points and said nothing that voters hadn’t heard before.

>>Illinois Sees Huge Jump In Medical Marijuana Card Requests

(Springfield, IL) — A lot of people in Illinois want to get a medical marijuana card. The Illinois Department of Public Health this week said that 44 thousand people have applied for a medical marijuana card. That’s a jump of nearly 20 thousand people in a little over a year.

>>New Charges Against Accused Dixon High School Shooter

(Dixon, IL) — Prosecutors in Lee County say the teenager accused of bringing a gun to Dixon High School last spring and firing it has been fighting with other inmates in the county jail. The Lee County State’s Attorney’s office yesterday said they filed aggravated battery charges against Matthew Milby after he got into a fight in the jail back in August. Prosecutors say Milby tried to strangle one inmate, and punched another.

>>Central Illinois Mom Sues Her Town Over Son’s Death

(Bartonville, IL) — A central Illinois mom is suing the town of Bartonville after her son died in a fire back in July. Javelyn McGrane filed the suit last month, she’s accusing Bartonville leaders of not calling for all of the help they could to save her son. Specifically, McGrane says Bartonville never called the Peoria Fire Department for help, even though Peoria firefighters were closer. Four-year-old John Bankes the Third was trapped in the house and died in the fire.

>>Rock Island Prepping For Mississippi River Flooding

(Rock Island, IL) — The city of Rock Island is getting ready for the floods. City leaders yesterday said they placed several pumps along Rock Island’s riverfront bike path to try and keep the path open. Moline and Davenport are also getting ready for the Mississippi River to inch past flood stage. Forecasters say the river was a foot below flood stage yesterday, it should be a foot above flood stage by the end of the day today.