News Headlines – October 2, 2018

Last Updated on October 2nd, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Illinois’ Senior U.S. Senator says he wants the FBI to have free reign to look into the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. Almost half of Illinois’ corn crop is out of the field. The U.S. Supreme Court isn’t going to hear Drew Peterson’s latest appeal.

>>Senator Durbin: Don’t Hinder The FBI

(Chicago, IL) — Illinois’ senior U.S. Senator wants the FBI to have free reign in looking into Brett Kavanaugh, his past, and allegations of sexual misconduct. Senator Dick Durbin yesterday said that he doesn’t want either the Republicans or the Democrats to ‘bridle’ the investigation. Durbin told a crowd at the City Club of Chicago yesterday that he thinks the investigation into Kavanaugh will yield some evidence that they can use.

>>Prosecutors: Former Adams County Coroner Mishandled Prescription Drugs

(Quincy, IL) — Prosecutors in Quincy say the county’s former coroner couldn’t account for the prescription drugs he took from people who died. The Adams County State’s Attorney’s office clarified the official misconduct charges against former coroner Jim Keller yesterday. A state law requires authorities to dispose of medications when someone dies, but prosecutors say Keller did not keep track of all of the pills that he took. Keller abruptly resigned back in June.

>>Nearly Half Of Illinois’ Corn Already Harvested

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois farmers are almost halfway done with the corn harvest. The latest crop report for the state came out yesterday, and shows that 48 percent of the state’s corn is already out of the field. The report says 35 percent of the state’s soybeans have also been harvested. USDA statisticians say last week’s string of warm, dry days helped farmers get a jump on the harvest.

>>No Supreme Court Hearing For Drew Peterson

(Washington, D.C.) — Drew Peterson is likely out of chances to get his murder conviction tossed. The United State’s Supreme Court yesterday refused to hear Peterson’s latest appeal for the murder of his third wife. Peterson is serving a 38 year sentence for killing Kathleen Savio back in 2004. Peterson’s lawyers were challenging testimony from his trial, but the high court declined to take the case.

>>Northern Illinois Woman Hospitalized After Trying To Avoid Deer Wreck

(Galena, IL) — This is why police say to hit the deer. The Jo Daviess County Sheriff’s Office says a woman is recovering after hitting a concrete bridge after she tried to avoid a deer. Deputies say the woman hit the bridge over the weekend after she swerved to miss the deer. She was taken to a hospital in Freeport for treatment.