News Headlines – September 14, 2018

Last Updated on September 14th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: A new poll gives Democrat J.B. Pritzker a 17 point lead in the race for Illinois governor. The latest report to the state of Illinois says 12 hundred layoffs are coming across the state. The University of Illinois is opening the door to possibly getting a new mascot.

>>New Poll Gives J.B. Pritzker 17-Point Lead

(Chicago, IL) — A new poll gives the Democratic candidate running for Illinois governor a large lead. The Illinois Broadcasters Association released the poll yesterday. It gives J.B. Pritzker a 17 point lead over Republican Bruce Rauner. The poll asked voters who’d they vote for if the election was held today. Forty four percent of voters asked said they’d vote for Pritzker, while 27 percent said they’d pick Rauner.

>>Employers Tell The State Of 12 Hundred Layoffs

(Springfield, IL) — A lot of people are going to lose their job in the state of Illinois. The state’s Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity said that employers reported last month nearly 12 hundred pending layoffs. Aramark Campus Services up in Chicago reported the most layoffs, nearly 400, after it lost a contract at the University of Chicago Medical Center. State law requires 60 days notice before any large, planned layoffs.

>>U Of I Opens The Door To A New Mascot

(Urbana, IL) — The University of Illinois may be willing to adopt a new mascot. But it won’t be anything like The Chief. The school released a report yesterday that looks at how to put past controversies about Chief Illiniwek behind them. The university’s 15 point plan talks about new education and outreach efforts and the U of I’s connections to native Americans. It also says there could be a time and place to adopt new traditions, and maybe a new mascot.

>>Four Central Illinois Airports To Split Five Million For Upgrades

(Springfield, IL) — The airports in Springfield, Lincoln, Decatur, and Bloomington-Normal will split about five million-dollars in federal money for upgrades. Springfield’s airport will get the biggest chunk of change, nearly two million-dollars for terminal upgrades. The airports in Lincoln and Decatur will get a million-dollars each for runway upgrades. Bloomington-Normal’s airport is in-line for just under a million dollars to buy runway clearing equipment.

>>Jennifer Lewis’ Mother Testifies Against Man Accused Of Killing Her

(Waterloo, IA) — Jennifer Lewis’ mother says the man accused of killing her daughter chuckled when she wondered out loud about calling 911 back in 1990. Sheri McCormick told the jury in Stanley Liggins’ later murder trial that Liggins was at her house the night that Lewis died, and returned after the nine-year-old girl failed to come home. Police say Liggins raped and killed the young girl. He’s on trial for the third time after his first two convictions were tossed.