News Headlines – September 10, 2018

Last Updated on September 10th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Farmers across the state are getting a little help from Governor Rauner in bringing in their crops. The city of Bloomington is considering a plan to start helping some seniors with their rent. Fewer people paid to go through the gates at the Illinois State Fair this year.

>>Governor Signs Harvest Emergency Order

(Springfield, IL) — Farmers across Illinois are getting a little help from the state in getting their crops out of the field. Governor Rauner last week signed a harvest emergency order that allows farmers to carry heavier weights to market. The order will allow farmers to move more corn or soybeans in a smaller amount of time. The order is in effect till the end of the year.

>>Bloomington To Vote On Rental Assistance Program

(Bloomington, IL) — The city of Bloomington could soon be helping a handful of senior citizens with their rent. The city’s council is set to vote tonight on a nearly 230 thousand dollar program that will help turn Bloomington’s old high school into apartments. Some of those apartments would be earmarked for four senior citizens for a decade. Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason says the project will both help some seniors, and find a new use for the city’s historic high school building.

>>Amy Corps To Work On Lock And Dam 15

(Rock Island, IL) — Work is set to begin on one of the Quad Cities’ locks. The Army Corps of Engineers last week announced that a company has been chosen to repair Lock and Dam 15 along the Mississippi River. The Corps says most of the 11 million-dollars in work will be done this winter and next, when the lock system is closed.

>>Attendance Falls At Illinois State Fair

(Springfield, IL) — Fewer people paid to go through the gates at the Illinois State Fair this year. Fair managers released attendance figures late last week. They say just over 369 thousand people attended the fair in August. Fair Manager Luke Sailer says that’s an eight percent drop from last year, but it is an increase from the 2016 fair.

>>Quincy Teacher To Be Featured On Netflix Show

(Quincy, IL) — A Quincy high school teacher is about to get a very public makeover. Quincy Superintendent Roy Webb last week told parents that Kathleen Dooley will be featured in an episode of Netflix’s Queer Eye. Webb says one of the stars of the show, Jonathan Van Ness, aka Jack, graduated from Quincy High School and remembered Dooley fondly. Film crews will be in Quincy in early October.