News Headlines – September 7, 2018

Last Updated on September 7th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

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(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: President Obama’s awards acceptance speech at the University of Illinois may be a bit more pointed toward the midterm elections. Illinois’ attorney general says she’s come to an agreement with Chicago Police to document every time they pull a gun on someone. Illinois will have a large voice in writing the new federal farm bill.

>>President Obama To Highlight Midterms With U Of I Award Speech

(Urbana, IL) — President Obama will certainly thank the University of Illinois for his latest award, but advisers to the former president say his speech today will be a bit more than just an acceptance. ABC 7 in Chicago last night said Obama’s advisers say the former president will deliver a pointed message about the midterm elections today. Obama will be at the university later this morning to accept the Paul H. Douglas Award for Ethics in Government.

>>Illinois Attorney General, Chicago PD Agree On Gun Draw Reports

(Chicago, IL) — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says her office will start tracking how often police officers in Chicago draw their weapons. Madigan yesterday announced a draft agreement that will track every time Chicago Police point a gun at someone. Madigan said the idea is to make sure that police officers are only drawing their weapons when they have no other choice.

>>Democratic Education Pointman Wants New Vote On Higher Teacher Salaries

(Springfield, IL) — The top Democrat on education in the Illinois Senate wants to vote again on the plan to start teacher salaries in Illinois at 40 thousand-dollars a year. Senator Andy Manar says he wants to try and override Governor Rauner’s veto. The governor scuttled the plan last month, saying it’d cost smaller schools too much. Manar says he’s working on a ‘coalition’ to override the governor.

>>Two From Illinois Helping To Write New Farm Bill

(Washington, DC) — Illinois will have a large say in what the new federal farm bill looks like. Two members of Congress from the state, Quad Cities Democrat Cheri Bustos and central Illinois Republican Rodney Davis, are a part of the committee that started work this week on a new package of farm subsidies and federal nutrition programs. Bustos says she hopes the compromise plan will be more agreeable to everyone in D.C.

>>Dixon Police Warn Of Utility Scam

(Dixon, IL) — Police in one northwestern Illinois community are reminding folks about how real utilities act. Dixon Police yesterday had to issue the warning that ComEd doesn’t ask for a prepaid Visa to settle your power bill. Dixon Police say they’ve gotten a number of calls from people who’ve gotten calls from scammers who demand payment and threaten to cut off service. Officers say if you get a call, hang-up.