News Headlines – August 10, 2018

Last Updated on August 10th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

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(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says Chicago’s mayor has failed to stop gun violence in the city. The University of Illinois is out with a report that says the first few weeks of school are crucial in fighting sexual misconduct. The power is back on in and around Bloomington.

>>Governor Rauner Blames Mayor Emanuel For Chicago Gun Violence

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says Chicago’s mayor has failed to stop the violence in the city. Rauner yesterday blamed Mayor Rahm Emanuel for a spike in shootings in the city, including a violent weekend last weekend that left more than 70 people wounded or dead. The governor says Emanuel has failed horribly.

>>Illinois Election Managers: 76 Thousand Voters Hacked In 2016

(Springfield, IL) — The Illinois State Board of Elections says 76 thousand voters in the state had their information hacked back in 2016, not a half-million. ISBE Director Steve Sandvoss wrote Governor Rauner a letter last week saying that the FBI’s July indictment of Russia hackers mentioned 500 thousand voters having their personal information accessed. But Sandvoss says the FBI assured him that Illinois had only 76 thousand exposures.

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>>U Of I Report: Start Of School Key To Fight Sexual Misconduct

(Urbana, IL) — A new report from the University of Illinois says the first few weeks of school are key in fighting sexual misconduct on campus. The school released the report yesterday; it says the biggest problems with sexual misconduct are among freshmen during the first two months of classes. The report is based on a student survey from back in 2017 that asked over 12 thousand students about their sexual experiences at the university.

>>Ameren, Corn Belt Say Power Restored Near Bloomington

(Bloomington, IL) — It was a blown fuse. Ameren officials say a pair of fuses in Bloomington failed yesterday and knocked out power to almost 18 hundred customers. Ameren and Corn Belt Energy said they both had customers in the dark yesterday afternoon. It took crews about a half hour to get most of the lights back on.

>>Hawk Newberry’s Family Says Their Push Saved A Life

(Rock Island, IL) — The family of the little boy who drowned in the Mississippi River last month says they helped save a man’s life on the river this week. Hawk Newberry’s aunt says she and her husband used a donated life jacket to help rescue a man from the Mississippi Wednesday night. Nita Newberry says without the attention paid to Hawk, the man in the river may not have been rescued in time.