News Headlines – August 8, 2018

Last Updated on August 8th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: A new survey says it’ll cost over 500 dollars for parents to send their kids back to school this year. Republican leaders in the Quad Cities are walking away from the local Republican candidate for congress. Bradley University’s game design program is getting some pretty big kudos from the Princeton Review.

>>Survey: Back To School Costs Top 500 Dollars

(Springfield, IL) — It’s going to cost over 500 dollars to send kids back to school this year. The consulting firm Deloitte is out with a new survey that says parents will spend, on average, 510 dollars to send their kids back to school this year. That covers the cost of school supplies, clothes, and computers. In all, Deloitte’s Liz Verrill says parents will spend 28 billion-dollars on back to school shopping this year.

>>Springfield Man Jailed After Six-Hour Standoff

(Springfield, IL) — Prosecutors in Springfield are reviewing possible charges against the man who held police at bay for over six hours. Springfield Police say they arrested the man, who was wanted on a felony warrant, yesterday afternoon. Investigators are not identifying the man yet.

>>Illinois Republicans Pull Support From Quad Cities’ Congressional Candidate

(Rock Island, IL) — Republican leaders in the Quad Cities and across the state are walking away from the Quad Cities’ Republican candidate for congress. Rock Island County Republican chairman Drue Mielke [[ Milky ]] yesterday said candidate Bill Fawell’s support of conspiracy theories is too much. Fawell’s campaign Facebook page has plenty of links to 9/11 conspiracies, and links to articles that question the Sandy Hook mass shootings. Mielke says Fawell’s conspiracy theories are a distraction, and not what the Republican Party is about.

>>Kewanee Prison Graduates First Class Of Welders

(Kewanee, IL) — The first class of welders from the prison in Kewanee have their degrees. The Illinois Department of Corrections Director John Baldwin yesterday said that eight inmates graduated from the welding program at Black Hawk College is a big step forward. The eight are the first class of inmates that Illinois prison leaders hope will take advantage of a new program that teaches inmates skills before they leave prison.

>>Bradley University Program Makes Princeton Review Top List

(Peoria, IL) — Bradley University is home to one of the best gaming programs in the country. The Princeton Review this week ranked Bradley’s game design program as one of the 15 best in the country. This is the fourth year in a row that the school in Peoria has made the list.