News Headlines – August 1, 2018

Last Updated on August 1st, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Illinois has a new law to make it easier to track who is working where in state government. Prosecutors are adding new charges of theft against the former manager of Bloomington’s city-owned coliseum. John Deere is adding a South American company to the big green family.

>>Governor Signs Salary Transparency Law

(Chicago, IL) — Illinois taxpayers will soon have a better idea who is working where in state government. Governor Bruce Rauner yesterday quietly signed a new law aimed at ending ‘off-shoring’ in state government. Lawmakers say Rauner is just the latest governor to hide the salaries of many of his staff members in other state agencies. The governor says the law is about transparency and good government.

>>Knox College Agrees To New Sexual Misconduct Policies

(Galesburg, IL) — Knox College will soon have a new sexual misconduct policy as part of a settlement with the federal government. The school in Galesburg on Monday announced an agreement with the U.S. Department of Education to settle six Title Nine complaints. The new policy will have the school re-tool its campus grievance procedure and add more training for faculty and staff members to handle sexual misconduct complaints.

>>New Theft Charges Filed Against Former Bloomington Coliseum Manager

(Bloomington, IL) — The latest theft charges against the former manager of Bloomington’s city-owned coliseum accuse him of using taxpayer dollars to pay for minor league hockey. The Bloomington Pantagraph reported yesterday on an indictment from late July against Bart Rodgers. He’s already facing charges for mismanaging the arena. The new charges say Rodgers transferred 15 thousand-dollars from arena management accounts to the Illinois Pro Sports firm where he was a managing partner.

>>Peoria Airport Managers Applaud Rapid Response To Emergency Landing

(Peoria, IL) — Managers at Peoria’s airport say they are pleased with the response to yesterday’s emergency landing. No one was hurt when a Charlotte-bound American Eagle flight had to land 20 minutes after take off due to a loss of cabin pressure. Airport director Gene Olson says the Illinois Air National Guard scrambled its firefighters to meet the plane, he says everyone worked as a team and did their jobs as well as they could.

>>Deere Adds South American Sprayer, Planter Maker

(Moline, IL) — The big green family is getting a little bigger. John Deere yesterday announced that it is acquiring PLA, a South American company that makes planters and sprayers. Deere’s John May says adding PLA fits the company’s mission to find innovative and cost-effective ways to deliver their products and services.