News Headlines – July 28, 2018

Last Updated on July 29th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is pushing a petition to keep ICE. Investigators in Bloomington say one of the guns used in a double murder in the city was stolen back in March. Authorities in Winnebago County say a woman pulled from the Rock River earlier this week has died. There is still no motive for a Memorial Day break-in that turned deadly near Quincy.

>>Governor Rauner Pushing Petition To Keep ICE

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is asking Illinois voters to put their names on a plan to keep the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. The governor yesterday took to Facebook to ask people to sign a petition to keep the agency. Rauner’s Facebook ad says the country needs to keep ICE as a way to protect the states, including Illinois.

>>President Trump Talks Ethanol In Iowa Visit

(Peosta, IA) — President Donald Trump is hinting at a larger market for Illinois and Iowa corn. The president told a crowd outside of Dubuque, Iowa yesterday that he’d like to see a year-round 15-percent ethanol blend. The president said he’s close to pulling the trigger on the new mandate. He also talked about trade and tariffs, pointing to hope of a new deal with European countries to sell soybeans from eastern Iowa and western Illinois there.

>>Bloomington Police Link Stolen Gun With June Double Murder

(Bloomington, IL) — Homicide detectives in Bloomington say they’ve linked a stolen gun to a double murder in the city. Prosecutors in Bloomington yesterday charged 18-year-old Alexandria Macon with burglary and weapons charges for a March break-in. One of the guns that police say she stole was allegedly used in a June double murder in Bloomington. Macon is being held on 100 thousand-dollars bail.

>>Woman Pulled From Winnebago County River Has Died

(Rockford, IL) — A woman pulled from the Rock River earlier this week has died. Winnebago County’s coroner yesterday said that 59-year-old Yvonne Challieh died at a local hospital. She was pulled from the Rock River on Wednesday. Police say they still don’t know how she ended-up in the river.

>>No Word Why Quincy Man Broke Into Home Before Shooting

(Quincy, IL) — There’s still no word why a Quincy-area man broke into a home shortly before he was shot to death on Memorial Day. The Quincy Herald Whig reported yesterday on the paper trail in Logan Graham’s case. He’s the young man gunned down in a home just outside of Quincy. The paper says reports show Graham was drunk, and sped away from the cops, then went to a home just outside of town twice that day. Including the time he broke in and was killed by the homeowner. Prosecutors last week said they won’t file charges against the homeowner.