News Headlines – July 5, 2018

Last Updated on July 5th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

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(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: There are tales of heroism after a massive tree branch fell and killed two people in the Quad Cities. A controversial Chicago pastor says he’s still planning to shutdown a Chicago-area expressway in protest. Southern Illinois University’s president says he simply wants to see the school’s money follow its students. Illinois’ regional superintendents are staying busy ahead of the new school year.

>>Witnesses Tell Of Heroism, Chaos After Quad Cities Tree Fall

(Rock Island, IL) — Witnesses are telling stories of heroism amid the chaos after a massive tree branch fell at the Rock Island County Courthouse. Two people died when the branch came down Tuesday night, a pregnant woman was injured. Witnesses say the branch was huge and left people pinned, but several people rallied and helped people out from under the leaves and wood. Rock Island County’s sheriff says the tree was over 100-years-old, the branch itself was eight feet around, about 45 feet long, and fell 25 feet to the ground.

>>Father Pfleger To Go Ahead With Chicago Protest

(Chicago, IL) — A controversial Chicago pastor says he still plans to close down a local expressway this weekend in protest. Father Michael Pfleger on Tuesday said he is going ahead with his Saturday protest on the Dan Ryan Expressway. Pfleger says he is protesting the ongoing violence in Chicago. Illinois State Police Director Leo Schmitz says troopers will arrest anyone who walks out on to the expressway.

>>SIU President Randy Dunn Explains His Support For Funding Split

(Carbondale, IL) — Southern Illinois University President Randy Dunn says he simply wants money at the school to follow students. Dunn yesterday explained to “The Southern Illinoisan” why he supported a funding shift between SIU’s Carbondale and Edwardsville campuses. Dunn says SIU’s funding sends 64 percent of the school’s dollars to Carbondale and 36 percent to Edwardsville. Even though, Dunn said, the two schools had almost the same number of students this past spring.

>>Mercer County Students Push Suicide Prevention, Anti-Bullying Law

(Aledo, IL) — A group of western Illinois students want to honor a former classmate with a new law aimed at stopping school bullying and teen suicide. Makayla Thomas is one of the students from Aledo High School who are pushing lawmakers in Springfield to pass a new law to give students more help or resources to avoid both. The push, Thomas says, is to honor classmate Valerie Carlson who killed herself in March after being bullied at school.

>>Illinois Regional Superintendents Busy Getting Ready

(Bloomington, IL) — School doesn’t start for more than a month, but Illinois’ regional superintendents of school are already busy. Mark Jontry is the head of Illinois’ regional superintendents, he says they’ve met with over 25 hundred teachers and principals this summer to get ready for the next school year. Regional superintendents are in charge of teacher licensing and bus driver safety in the state of Illinois.