News Headlines – June 9, 2018

Last Updated on June 9th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: There’s a fight over the fight to oust the president at Southern Illinois University. A state lawmaker says Illinois needs to give college students more stability if the state expects them to pick an Illinois school. City leaders in Bloomington say they’re having to remind people not to leave their junk on the curb. The suspect in Dixon’s high school shooting is staying behind bars on two-million-dollars bond.

>>SIUE Chancellor Challenges Meeting To Oust President

(Carbondale, IL) — There is a fight over the fight to replace the president at Southern Illinois University. Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville Chancellor Randy Pembrook yesterday said that he’s not sure the SIU Board of Trustees is using its power responsibly as it looks to remove University President Randy Dunn. Trustees are set to meet today, but not all nine board members can make the meeting. Pembrook says it appears Dunn is being targeted because he wanted to shift more money to SIU’s growing Edwardsville campus, and away from the shrinking SIU Carbondale campus.

>>State Senator Wants Four Year MAP Grants

(Springfield, IL) — One Illinois state senator says Illinois college students need more than just priority status when picking a school. State Senator Sue Rezin yesterday introduced a plan to offer qualifying college students a four year MAP Grant. Currently, those grants are based on need and awarded for one year. The new state budget gives returning MAP recipients priority for next year’s grants. But Rezin says Illinois students need to know they can count on financial aid for all four years.

>>Bloomington Fights Mounting Junk Problem

(Bloomington, IL) — There’s a lot of junk on the curb in Bloomington, and the city isn’t touching it until the fall. Bloomington Public Works Director Jim Karch on Wednesday told city leaders that his office has sent notices to 550 homes with junk on the curb. Bloomington ended its every-other-week junk collection back in February and the city won’t be around to haul stuff off until October. Karch says people can haul the stuff to the dump themselves, or pay for the city to do it for them.

>>Two-Million-Dollar Bond Kept For Dixon School Shooting Suspect

(Dixon, IL) — The teenager being held on weapons charges after police say he brought a rifle to Dixon High School last month and fired it will stay behind bars on two-million-dollars bond. The judge in 19-year-old Matthew Milby Jr.’s case yesterday didn’t change his bond, but did order the case to move forward to trial, though Milby’s lawyers say they’re still missing crucial pieces of evidence against their client.

>>Moline Police Search For Missing Bulldogs

(Moline, IL) — Police in Moline say they’re looking for three stolen puppies. Officers say someone took the dogs from a home near the city’s Stephen’s Park on Wednesday. All three are American Bulldog puppies, and all three are six months old.