News Headlines – June 8, 2018

Last Updated on June 8th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Three female Illinois lawmakers are calling for an independent investigation of House Speaker Mike Madigan’s office. Illinois’ suicide rate, like the rest of the country, increased dramatically over the past decade and a half. There will be no charges for a Quincy police officer after a deadly officer-involved shooting last month. The Better Business Bureau is warning of a fake taco festival in Chicago this weekend.

>>Female Lawmakers Want Independent Investigation At Statehouse

(Springfield, IL) — Three female state lawmakers want someone from the outside to take a look at how Speaker Mike Madigan runs his office. State Reps Kelly Burke of Oak Lawn, Ann Williams of Chicago, and Deb Conroy of Villa Park yesterday called for an independent investigation into the speaker’s statehouse operation. The request comes one day after Madigan’s right hand man, Tim Mapes, resigned under pressure after a #MeToo complaint. All three women are Democrats, and all three say the culture at the State Capitol must change.

>>Illinois Also Sees Suicide Rate Increase In CDC Report

(Springfield, IL) — In the scope of things, Illinois’ 23 percent increase in the state’s suicide rate isn’t as bad as it could have been. The CDC released a report yesterday that showed the nation’s suicide rate jumped 25 percent between 1999 and 2016. But some states, including some of Illinois’ neighbors, saw rate increases closer to 40 percent. The CDC report does not list a single cause as the driving factor for the dramatic increase.

>>Adams County Prosecutors Clear Quincy Officer In May Shooting

(Quincy, IL) — A Quincy police officer won’t face charges for shooting and killing a man armed only with a BB gun last month. Adams County States’ Attorney Gary Farha yesterday said that Officer Steve Banger was justified in shooting Rollie J. Davis Sr. on May 14th. Farha said the officer saw Davis tampering with an electrical box before drawing what turned out to be a realistic looking BB gun. Officer Banger then pulled his gun, fired, and killed Davis.

>>BBB Warns Of Fake Chicago Taco Festival

(Chicago, IL) — The Better Business Bureau in Chicago is putting out the warning: There is no Taco Fest Chicago. The BBB yesterday said the festival, scheduled for this weekend, has taken off with the money of a number of people in Illinois. The festival’s Facebook page said over one thousand people bought tickets at 75 dollars apiece. The BBB says people need to fully investigate all summer festivals to make sure they are legitimate.

>>East Peoria Says No To Backyard Chickens

(East Peoria, IL) — There won’t be any backyard chickens in East Peoria. City leaders last week said that after a year and a half of study, conversations, and at least two drafts of an ordinance, they won’t even vote on the idea of allowing people to keep hens in their yards, East Peoria issued a statement last week that said the rules prohibiting backyard chickens in the city limits ‘will remain in effect.’ Mayor Dave Mingus said the idea of chickens is now a ‘non-issue.’