News Headlines – June 7, 2018

Last Updated on June 7th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Another person close to powerful House Speaker Mike Madigan is out of a job after a #MeToo complaint. Jurors got their first look at the evidence in the murder trial of a Southern Illinois University student yesterday. A judge in Decatur is giving an 18-year-old probation for the accidental shooting death of his two-year-old nephew. Prosecutors in Knox County say a weekend stabbing was the end of a months-long murder plot.

>>Speaker Madigan’s Statehouse Chief Of Staff Ousted In #MeToo Complaint

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan’s right hand man at the statehouse is out of a job after another #MeToo complaint. The Speaker yesterday said his Chief of Staff, Tim Mapes, resigned at his ‘direction.’ Mapes’ resignation came just hours after another Madigan statehouse staffer told reporters about a number of inappropriate and sexual comments that she says Mapes made over the years.

>>Opening Statements In SIU Student’s 2014 Murder

(Murphysboro, IL) — The defense in Pravin Varughese’s murder trial says the cold killed Varughese, and nothing else. Prosecutors in Jackson County however say a fight with the suspect, Gaege Bethune, over cocaine drove Varughese into the woods in southern Illinois, where he’d die of exposure. The case in Varughese’s 2014 death began yesterday. No one is saying how long they expect the trial to last.

>>Probation For Teen In Nephew’s Shooting Death

(Decatur, IL) — An 18-year-old is avoiding prison for the shooting death of his two-year-old nephew. A judge in Decatur yesterday sentenced Zachary Pherigo to two years of probation. Pherigo told police that he was playing cops and robbers with the little boy last October when his gun went off. Pherigo pleaded guilty to manslaughter and weapons charges in March, he was given credit for the 235 days he spent in Macon County jail.

>>Knox County: Weekend Stabbing Part Of Murder Plot

(Galesburg, IL) — Prosecutors in Galesburg say a months-long murder plot ended with a weekend stabbing. The Knox County States’ Attorney’s Office yesterday charged two teens, Bradley Detmers and Hayden Clark, with attempted murder and solicitation of murder. They charged another teen, Matthew Hale, with the same charges Tuesday. Police are looking for a fourth teen. Prosecutors say the four plotted for months to rob and kill Nathan Goehl in his Galesburg home. Goehl survived the attack on Sunday, he’s recovering from several stab wounds to the chest.

>>Ferry Service Coming To Savanna, Sabula

(Sabula, IA) — Drivers in Savanna, Illinois and Sabula, Iowa aren’t going to have to drive 40 miles out of their way for much longer. The Iowa Department of Transportation yesterday announced that it will start a bus and ferry service between the two towns on the Mississippi River. There’s supposed to be a new bridge connecting Savanna and Sabula, but Iowa crews are still working on an access bridge on their side of the river. The ferry is free, but can only fit 15 cars at a time.