News Headlines – June 6, 2018

Last Updated on June 6th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) – Here’s the latest news: Rod Blagojevich’s clemency paperwork is on file at the White House. One Wall Street analyst isn’t impressed with Illinois’ new state budget. It doesn’t appear that any of the claims of sexual misconduct against the former commander of Scott Air Force base occurred in Illinois. There’s a second guilty plea in the hazing case at Wheaton College.

>>Former Governor Files Clemency Paperwork With President Trump

(Washington, DC) — It’s now up to President Trump. A number of media outlets in Chicago last night reported that former Governor Rod Blagojevich’s attorneys filed a formal petition with the White House to end or reduce his 14 year prison sentence. The paperwork could be just a formality. President Trump said last week that he is thinking about freeing Blagojevich, because he doesn’t think the former Illinois governor should be in prison for ‘saying something stupid.’

>>Credit Agencies Aren’t Impressed With Illinois’ New Budget

(Chicago, IL) — Wall Street analysts aren’t nearly as excited about Illinois’ new budget as state lawmakers. S&P Global Ratings yesterday said that the new 38-and-a-half billion-dollar spending plan continues Illinois’ habit of planning to spend money that the state may not have. That’s apparently a reference to the proposed sale of the Thompson Center in Chicago. S&P, however, didn’t downgrade Illinois’ credit. The state is still rated one step above junk status.

>>No Illinois Accusations Against Former Scott Air Base Commander

(Scott Air Force Base) — Military investigators say the sexual misconduct complaints that cost the former commander at Scott Air Force Base his job all took place outside of Illinois. The Air Force detailed the case against Colonel John Howard on Monday. The charges stem from complaints from from four Senior Airmen, the reports indicate they are women, that Howard touched them or made sexual comments to them. Howard was relieved of command at Scott Air Force Base in the Metro East last July, a hearing is scheduled in his case for this July.

>>Springfield Fire Battalion Chief Arrested For Threatening Police Officer

(Sherman, IL) — A battalion chief with the Springfield Fire Department is looking at possible charges for threatening a police officer. Police in Sherman, a small town just north of Springfield, say they arrested Battalion Chief Chad Bates on Monday. Investigators say Bates told one officer that he’d fight him, if he weren’t ‘hiding behind that badge.’ Bates went to jail on obstructing a peace officer and intimidation charges. Springfield’s fire chief says the city is handling Bates’ arrest as a personnel matter.

>>Second Guilty Plea In Wheaton College Hazing Case

(Wheaton, IL) — A second former Wheaton College football player is taking a plea deal to end the hazing charges against him. Kyler Kregel pleaded guilty yesterday to misdemeanor battery. He won’t serve any jail time. Kregel is one of five Wheaton College football players accused of hazing a teammate, an incident that left the victim injured and unable to play football. Three of the men charged are still facing felony charges.