News Headlines – June 5, 2018

Last Updated on June 5th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has signed the state’s new 38-and-a-half-billion-dollar state budget. One central Illinois Republican congressman says he wishes President Trump wouldn’t start a trade war with America’s allies. A Wisconsin trucker accused of shooting out windows on I-74 is being held on a two-million-dollar bond. Prosecutors in the Quad Cities are pushing charges against an 18-year-old who they say threatened to shoot up his high school.

>>Illinois Governor Signs New State Budget

(Chicago, IL) — For the first time in two years, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner’s signature is on a state budget. The governor yesterday signed the state’s new 38-and-a-half-billion-dollar spending plan. The new plan spends a bit more on education in the state, and for the first time ever guarantees state grants for college students for all four years. But the budget also uses some one-time savings, and banks on selling the Thompson Center in Chicago. Critics say the plan is merely buying the state some time to deal with its fiscal problems.

>>Rodney Davis Worries About Trade War With Allies

(Taylorville, IL) — One central Illinois congressman says he worries about a possible trade war with our allies. Republican Rodney Davis yesterday said he wishes President Trump would turn his focus on tariffs back to China and away from Canada and Mexico. Davis says he doesn’t want to see the U.S. get involved in a trade dispute with people who are supposed to be our friends.

>>Two-Million-Dollar Bond For Wisconsin Trucker In Slingshot Case

(Champaign, IL) — A Wisconsin truck driver could stay in the Champaign County jail for a while. A judge yesterday ordered Kevin Casey from Janesville, Wisconsin to be held on two-million-dollars bond. Prosecutors say Casey fired ball bearings at cars while he drove his truck along I-74. Casey is accused of breaking several windows. The Illinois State Police say Casey may be tied to 45 cases in Champaign, Piatt, DeWitt, and Vermilion counties. Investigators in Indiana are also looking into a handful of cases there.

>>Charges Filed In East Moline School Threat

(East Moline, IL) — Prosecutors in the Quad Cities are moving ahead with charges against a former East Moline high school student accused of threatening to shoot up his school. The Rock Island County States’ Attorney’s office yesterday filed charges against Conner Freeborn-Nouchanthavong. Police say he threatened a school shooting at United Township High School on May 30th. Jail records show that Nouchanthavong is free on 25-thousand-dollars bond.

>>Illinois, USDA Rolling Out Summer Lunch Program

(Springfield, IL) — Just because school is out for the summer doesn’t mean Illinois schools won’t be serving breakfast or lunch. The Illinois State Board of Education and the USDA yesterday announced that nearly 19 hundred school buildings across the state will participate in this summer’s lunch program. The USDA says almost 90 percent of students who get free or reduced lunch during the school year may not get a meal during the summer months. The meals are usually free if children and their families meet certain income guidelines.