News Headlines – May 18, 2018

Last Updated on May 18th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: No one is saying when a large swath of southern Illinois will get running water once again. Democrats in Springfield may be calling Governor Rauner’s bluff on reinstating the death penalty in Illinois. Governor Rauner will decide if some school kids can use marijuana-based medicines in school. Illinois’ first African-American Supreme Court justice is retiring.

>>Water Still Off In Southern Illinois

(Rend Lake, IL) — Folks in seven southern Illinois counties are counting on bottled water and port-a-potties for another day. Managers at the Rend Lake Conservancy District yesterday said they don’t know when they will turn the water back on. Rend Lake’s Larry Sanders says one of the main pipes that carries water into their treatment facility burst Wednesday night. By yesterday, cities and towns across southern Illinois were issued water emergency orders and closing businesses to conserve water. Governor Rauner’s office says as many as 175-thousand people in the southern part of the state are without water. The governor says he’s asked the state emergency management agency to help look for a solution.

>>Speaker Madigan To Give Governor Hearing On Death Penalty

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan may be calling Governor Rauner’s bluff. The speaker yesterday announced a hearing set for Monday to see if there is support for the governor’s plan to reinstate the death penalty in Illinois. Madigan said the plan deserves a full hearing before the Illinois House. But similar hearings in the past have been used to scuttle plans that Madigan and his Democrats don’t like.

>>Governor Gets Medical Marijuana In School Legislation

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner will decide if some kids can use their marijuana-based medicines in school. The Illinois Senate yesterday voted nearly unanimously to approve a plan to allow children suffering from seizures or other serious conditions to use CBD oils or patches while at school. The plan allows parents or caregivers to bring the medicine to school and give children a dose. Local schools could enact their own bans, and teachers and school nurses would not be required to handle the medicine.

>>Rock Island City Council To Consider Pro-Marijuana Resolution

(Rock Island, IL) — The city of Rock Island could be the next in Illinois to endorse legal marijuana. The city council is expected to vote Monday on a resolution that urges Governor Rauner and President Trump to legalize marijuana. The plan does not legalize pot in the Quad Cities, it simply expresses support. Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms says he’s neutral on the idea, so he will neither sign nor veto the resolution.

>>Illinois Supreme Court Justice Freeman To Retire

(Springfield, IL) — The first African-American to serve on the Illinois Supreme Court says he’s ready to retire. Justice Charles Freeman yesterday announced that this term will be his last. Freeman was first elected to the court in 1990 and he says he will retire on June 14th. The Supreme Court yesterday appointed appeals court judge P. Scott Neville Jr. to fill Freeman’s seat until voters can choose a new justice.