News Headlines – May 17, 2018

Last Updated on May 17th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Prosecutors in northwestern Illinois are pressing ahead with felony weapons charges against a teen who they say brought a gun to his old high school. Quincy Police say the victim of Monday’s officer-involved shooting had a realistic-looking gun. A new report slams Governor Rauner’s office for a Springfield lease that critics say is unnecessary and all about politics. Tiny Elsah, Illinois, is the top scenic spot in Illinois.

>>Charges Against Armed Former Student In Dixon High School Shooting

(Dixon, IL) — Prosecutors in northwestern Illinois are pressing ahead with felony weapons charges against the 19-year-old who they say brought a gun to his former high school and planned to use it. The Lee County State’s Attorney yesterday filed charges against Matthew Milby for allegedly firing a gun inside Dixon High School. The school’s resource officer, Mark Dallas, shot and wounded Milby before arresting him. No one else at the school was hurt.

>>Quincy Police: Shooting Victim Had Realistic-Looking Gun

(Quincy, IL) — Police in Quincy say the victim of this week’s officer-involved shooting there had a pellet gun, not a real gun, when he was killed. Quincy Police released pictures of the pellet gun yesterday and officers say it looks identical to a real pistol. Rollie Davis Sr. was shot Monday night after allegedly pulling the pellet gun on a Quincy Police officer. The officer is still on leave, and the investigation is still ongoing.

>>Illinois Senate Okays New Gun Dealer Licensing Plan

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois lawmakers are taking a second crack at issuing state licenses to Illinois gun dealers. The Illinois Senate yesterday approved a new gun dealer licensing measure that also has tougher rules for private sales. Governor Rauner struck down the first dealer licensing plan as too burdensome. Senators also approved what’s being called the Waffle House bill, which would prevent private transfers of weapons to people who’ve had their FOID cards taken away.

>>Audit Slams Rauner Administration Over Warehouse Lease

(Springfield, IL) — A new report says Governor Bruce Rauner’s administration violated the state’s purchasing laws with a warehouse lease in Springfield. Lawmakers have been demanding answers about the lease for months and yesterday Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino issued a report that found close to a dozen violations of the state’s procurement code with the lease. Republican State Rep. Dave McSweeney says the report shows the incompetence and wasteful spending in the governor’s office. Democratic Senator Andy Manar says the lease is unnecessary and a waste of taxpayer money.

>>Tiny Elsah Named Illinois’ Top Scenic Spot

(Springfield, IL) — You may never have heard of Illinois’ best scenic spot. The latest Top 200 list names tiny Elsah, Illinois, as the state’s most beautiful place. Elsah is a small village in the Metro East, not far from Alton. Chris Wills with the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency says visiting Elsah is like going back in time 150 years. Illinois’ Great River Road came in second on the list. The Black Hawk statue in northern Illinois was third, followed by Garden of the Gods in southern Illinois and starved Rock State Park in Utica.