News Headlines – May 16, 2018

Last Updated on May 16th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

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(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Quincy Police say the victim of an officer-involved shooting had a weapon, but not a gun. Illinois saw a record number of tourists last year. Illinois is warning of an uptick in tick bite diseases. A Missouri woman is heading to prison after prosecutors say she tried to smuggle a gun and drugs into the jail in Bloomington.

>>Quincy Police: Victim Of Monday Shooting Didn’t Have Gun

(Quincy, IL) — Quincy Police are backing away from reports that the victim of Monday’s officer-involved shooting had a gun. Quincy Deputy Police Chief Doug VanderMaiden yesterday said that 53-year-old Rollie Davis had a weapon that appeared to be a pistol. VanderMaiden wouldn’t say what that weapon was, but insisted that there was a weapon involved. A 16-year Quincy Police veteran is the one who pulled the trigger. VanderMaiden said the officer is on leave until the investigation is over.

>>Illinois Draws Record Number Of Visitors

(Springfield, IL) — A lot of visitors spent a lot of money in Illinois last year. Governor Rauner’s office yesterday said tourism in 2017 set a record and was worth almost 40-billion-dollars to the state. That’s actually up by about a billion. Chicago is still the state’s most popular tourist destination, but the governor’s office says a number of tourism campaigns in the rest of the state helped increase the state’s visitor numbers to nearly 114-million people.

>>Illinois Warns Of Increase In Tick Diseases

(Springfield, IL) — Bug spray and long sleeves. Those are your best bets if you’re heading out into the fields or woods in Illinois this summer. The Illinois Department of Public Health yesterday warned that diseases caused by tick bites increased 58-percent between 2004 and 2016. The CDC says it’s seeing similar increases across the country. IDPH officials say people need to protect themselves if they’re going to be outdoors this summer.

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>>Woman Sentenced For Trying To Smuggle Drugs, Gun Into Jail

(Bloomington, IL) — A Missouri woman is heading to prison after prosecutors say she tried to smuggle a gun and drugs into the jail in Bloomington. A judge sentenced 20-year-old Anika Witt to two years in prison on drug and weapons charges. Jailers in McLean County say they found heroin in Witt’s bra and a loaded handgun inside her body during a search in September while they were booking her into jail. Witt may also face charges in Missouri for violating her parole.

>>Hockey Could Be Coming Back To The Quad Cities

(Moline, IL) — Hockey organizers in the Quad Cities aren’t giving up on landing a team. TaxSlayer Center Executive Director Scott Mullen yesterday said that officials with the Southern Professional Hockey League are giving them a bit more time to put together a pitch for a team. Mullen said he’s had some interest including one proposal earlier this week. The Quad Cities lost their ECHL team in April after the team said it failed to turn a profit.