News Headlines – May 14, 2018

Last Updated on May 14th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

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(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: A group of retired generals from Illinois are pushing for more childcare as a national security issue. Champaign Police say the man shot near the U of I campus isn’t a student and wasn’t the victim of a random crime. Authorities in Mercer County say students at the local junior high will see more officers today after a gun scare last week. I-DOT says it’s time to start looking for motorcycles.

>>Former Illinois Generals: Childcare A National Security Issue

(Springfield, IL) — A group of former Illinois generals is trying to push state lawmakers toward spending more on childcare. Former Illinois National Guard Bill Enyart and Randall Thomas said last week that high quality childcare is a national security issue. The generals say childcare can give kids a good start in life, which could lead to better decisions and health later in life. Enyart and Thomas say young people need to make better decisions if they are ever going to serve the country. The generals are part of the group Mission Readiness, and they say almost 70 percent of young people in this country are ineligible or unable to serve in the nation’s military.

>>Champaign Police: Campustown Shooting Victim Not A Student, Targeted

(Champaign, IL) — Police at and around the University of Illinois say the victim of a weekend shooting was targeted, and was not a student. Investigators say the shooting happened a bit before 1 a.m. yesterday morning in the Campustown neighborhood. Police say the victim is from Danville. They are not commenting about a suspect or a motive for the shooting.

>>Mercer County Authorities To Step-Up Presence After Gun Scare

(Aledo, IL) — Authorities in Mercer County say students at the local junior high will see more officers after a gun scare last week. The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office said they found an unloaded gun in a locker at Mercer County Jr. High School on Friday. No one was hurt, and there was no ammunition found with the weapon. The sheriff’s office says they will increase patrols at the school this week.

>>Southern Illinois Port Organizers Need Million Dollars More

(Cairo, IL) — Organizers of a proposed port in southern Illinois’ tip say they need a million-dollars more to get their project going. The Cairo Port Authority says it needs a commitment from the state or private investors to move ahead on a port facility where the Ohio and Mississippi rivers meet. Southern Illinois state Senator Dale Fowler says he hopes that the money will be included in the new state budget.

>>I-DOT Wants People To See Motorcycles

(Springfield, IL) — It’s that time of year, time for motorcycles to roar across Illinois. And it’s time, the Illinois Department of Transportation says, for drivers to see motorcycles. I-DOT says awareness, both from people on bikes and people in cars, is the best safety tool on the street. I-DOT says motorcyclists make up just three percent of the people on Illinois’ roads, but account for 15 percent of the people killed in accidents on the state’s highways.