News Headlines – May 11, 2018

Last Updated on May 11th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Illinois lawmakers are looking to get tough on fake pot after this spring’s wave of synthetic marijuana poisonings. The top Republican in the Illinois senate wants a judge to toss the lawsuit of a state senator who he says quit the party. Springfield’s state rep doesn’t want Illinois’ Lincoln museum to sell any Lincoln artifacts. Illinois’ senior U.S. Senator wants to see more federal money for Amtrak in southern Illinois.

>>Tougher Rules For Fake Pot Likely Coming In Illinois

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois lawmakers are looking to get tougher on synthetic marijuana. The Illinois senate yesterday unanimously approved a plan to add synthetic cannabinoids to the state’s controlled substance act. It’s been tough for lawmakers to regulate the fake pot in the past because it is a chemical compound that can be changed to skirt regulations. This year’s move to get tough comes after a bad batch of synthetic marijuana sent more than 150 people to emergency rooms this spring with severe bleeding.

>>Top Illinois Senate Republican Wants Inter-Party Lawsuit Tossed

(Springfield, IL) — The top Republican in the Illinois Senate is asking a judge to toss a lawsuit from a former Republican lawmaker. Senate Minority Leader Bill Brady yesterday asked a judge in Springfield to dismiss a lawsuit from Senator Sam McCann that claims retaliation at the statehouse. McCann says Brady took away his senate office perks when McCann decided to run for governor as an independent. Brady says McCann quit the Republican caucus, and isn’t entitled to the perks.

>>No Lincoln Sales To Pay Museum’s Debt

(Springfield, IL) — Springfield’s state rep is trying to make it clear: Illinois’ Abraham Lincoln museum should not sell Abraham Lincoln artifacts. State Rep Time Butler this week told managers at the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum that they could look to sell non-Lincoln pieces to pay down their debt. But Butler says the museum should not sell anything owned or used by the 16th President and Illinois’ most famous son.

>>Dick Durbin Wants Federal Help For Chicago To Carbondale Train

(Washington, DC) — Illinois’ senior U.S. Senator says he wants more federal help for the Chicago-to-southern-Illinois train line. Senator Dick Durbin yesterday wrote a letter to the Federal Railroad Administration asking regulators to look at the freight trains on the tracks between Chicago and Carbondale. Durbin says the freight traffic consistently delays the Amtrak trains that run from Chicago to Champaign and down to Carbondale. Durbin says the Illini and Saluki trains have one of the worst on-time records in America.

>>Quad Cities’ Congresswoman Wants Designation For Arsenal

(Rock Island, IL) — The Quad Cities’ Democratic congresswoman wants to see a ‘center of excellence’ at the Rock Island Arsenal. Congresswoman Cheri Bustos yesterday said the special designation could help bring in more federal funding for the base in the Quad Cities. Bustos says she was able to work in language to the defense spending bill this week that would create the center. Most of the focus would be on the Arsenal’s Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center.