News Headlines – May 10, 2018

Last Updated on May 10th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Illinois ERA supporters are hoping for a vote at the statehouse next week. Adams County could be the next sanctuary county for gun owners. The next round of rain in western Illinois isn’t expected to add to the flooding woes in the Quad Cities. One central Illinois county is looking to change its rules for backyard chickens.

>>Illinois ERA Vote Likely Next Week

(Springfield, IL) — It’s going to be a bit before Illinois lawmakers get to vote on one of the hottest issues of the 1970s. ERA supporters yesterday said it will likely be next week before the Illinois House votes on the Equal Rights Amendment. The supporters rallied at the statehouse yesterday. Lawmakers are being asked to approve the decades-old proposal as a moral victory more than a policy change. But a number of Republicans in Springfield say they fear that ratifying the amendment could lead to policy changes in the future.

>>Adams County Could Be Next Gun Owner Sanctuary

(Quincy, IL) — Add Adams County to the list of possible gun owner sanctuaries. County Board Member Ryan Niekamp said on Tuesday that he’s had a lot of people in and around Quincy ask for the county to do something about their Second Amendment rights. A number of counties in downstate Illinois are adopting their own sanctuary rules, they say as a way to push back on gun control measures coming out of the State Capitol. Niekamp says Adams County’s proposal would be purely symbolic, it wouldn’t change any laws, but it would send a message.

>>Forecasters: Mississippi River Expected To Settle In Quad Cities

(Davenport, IA) — Forecasters say this weekend’s rains in the Quad Cities shouldn’t push the Mississippi River any higher. Meteorologist Pete Speck yesterday said that the river is expected to crest tonight, and stay there through Sunday. City managers in both Rock Island and Moline say they’re dealing with some flooding that’s closed roads along the riverfront. But they say there’s no major damage yet.

>>Tazewell County Close To Updating Backyard Chicken Rules

(Pekin, IL) — Folks in Tazewell County could soon get to have more chickens in their backyards, but they may have to pay more for them as well. A committee in the central Illinois county on Tuesday approved the first draft of new regulations to allow most people in the county to have as many as six chickens in their backyards. Tazewell County development administrator Kristal Bachman wants to double the county’s chicken fee, up to 300 dollars, as a way to pay for the new chicken regulations.

>>Firefighters: Naperville Radioactive Material ‘Not Dangerous’

(Naperville, IL) — Firefighters in Naperville say a box in a basement labeled radioactive material did indeed have radioactive material. But they say it wasn’t dangerous. Naperville Division Chief Amy Scheller says they got a call about the package found in a home’s basement yesterday. Scheller says hazmat teams tested the box, and found it was radioactive. But she said the radioactivity wasn’t at levels high enough to be considered dangerous.