News Headlines – May 9, 2018

Last Updated on May 9th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Illinois’ top lawmakers seem to be getting on the same page on a new state budget. The western Illinois teen convicted of slitting a puppy’s throat last summer won’t be headed to prison. Illinois farmers are now ahead of schedule this spring. Prosecutors in Putnam County think gambling debts may have led a man to kill his sister in law.

>>Governor Rauner may Be Odd man Out In State Budget Talks

(Springfield, IL) — Only Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner seems to think the state’s budget process is moving too slowly. The governor yesterday said he wants to see more action from the state’s top lawmakers on a new state budget. But those lawmakers, who met with the governor yesterday, said they are confident they can come to terms on a new state spending plan. Republican House Leader Jim Durkin said the first task is to figure out how much money Illinois actually has to spend. Democratic Senate President John Cullerton says he thinks they are close to an agreement on that number.

>>Western Illinois Teen Who Slit Puppy’s Throat Gets Jail Time

(Cambridge, IL) — A western Illinois teen isn’t going to prison for slitting a puppy’s throat and leaving it to die last summer. Instead, 17-year-old Damien Ingram will serve 180 days in county jail. Henry County’s sheriff says Ingram will start his sentence later this month when he turns 18. Investigators say Ingram slit Thor the puppy’s throat in July of last year, and left the dog to die. Animal rescuers nursed Thor back to health, and he is now living with a new family.

>>Illinois Farmers Ahead Of Spring Planting Pace

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois farmers are shaking off the wet start to spring. The latest USDA Crop Report for Illinois which came out yesterday says farmers made the most of last week’s warm weather. The report says 74 percent of Illinois’ corn crop was in the ground as of Sunday. The report says 29 percent of the state’s soybean crop was planted as of Sunday. Both are ahead of last year’s pace and the five year average.

>>Rockford Getting Dash Cam Grant

(Rockford, IL) — Almost all of Rockford’s police cars could soon have dashboard cameras. City leaders yesterday said they’re in line to get a 200 thousand-dollar grant from the Illinois Law Enforcement Standards & Training Board to buy about 30 dash cams. That’d be enough to outfit almost every Rockford squad car with a camera. Only about half of the city’s police cars currently have a camera to record traffic stops or other police action. The car carrying fallen Rockford Officer Jaimie Cox last winter was one of the cars that didn’t have a dash cam.

>>Gambling Debts May Have Lead To Putnam County Murder

(Hennepin, IL) — Prosecutors in Putnam County say gambling debts may have led a man to kill his sister-in-law. “The Peoria Journal Star” is quoting prosecutors who say Clifford Anderson had a financial relationship with Deborah Dewey. They say that relationship came to an end, and that’s when police believe that Anderson killed Dewey and tried to hide her body. Anderson is set to go on trial in July.