News Headlines – April 13, 2018

Last Updated on April 13th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Illinois’ synthetic marijuana problems are not a statewide problem. A judge wants the suspect in one of Peoria’s weekend murders held on a million-dollars bond. The Illinois Senate is urging Governor Rauner against sending troops to the Mexican border. The financial troubles at Rock Island County’s nursing home aren’t getting better.

>>Just Under 10-Percent Of Illinois Counties Fighting Tainted Synthetic Pot

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois’ synthetic marijuana problem is not a statewide issue. Just eleven of the state’s 102 counties report any cases of severe bleeding after someone smoked the fake pot. The Illinois Department of Public Health yesterday updated its numbers related to the synthetic pot outbreak: 122 people have now been treated for bleeding from the eyes, nose, or lungs. The center of the problems continue to be around Peoria and in Chicago. The city of Chicago, and Peoria and Tazewell counties account for 103 of the 122 bleeding cases in the state.

>>Million-Dollar Bond For Peoria Murder Suspect

(Peoria, IL) — One of the suspects in Peoria’s violent weekend is in jail on a million-dollars bond. A judge yesterday ordered that 16-year-old Jermontay Brock be kept in jail on a seven-figure bond for the murder of 22-year-old Anthony Polnitz early Saturday morning near the Bradley University campus. Peoria Police Chief Loren Marion yesterday said Brock pulled out a handgun and shot Polnitz at a party, though the chief wouldn’t say why. Polnitz was one of three people killed in Peoria last weekend.

>>Illinois Senate: Say No To Illinois Guardsmen On Mexican Border

(Springfield, IL) — The Illinois Senate is officially on the record opposing the use of Illinois National Guard troops to patrol the nation’s southern border. The Senate yesterday narrowly approved a resolution urging Governor Rauner not to comply with a request from President Trump to send troops to the border with Mexico. There hasn’t been a request, but the governor said earlier this week that he’d send troops if the president asked for some.

>>Illinois Governor Says Missouri Governor Should Resign

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois’ governor says Missouri’s governor should step down. Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner yesterday said allegations that Missouri Governor Eric Greitens [[ gry-tens ]] slapped and sexually coerced a former mistress are terrible and very disturbing. Rauner said Greitens should step down. Greitens helped Governor Rauner last year by appearing in a campaign in Illinois ad that blamed the state’s high taxes and fiscal mess for a lack of jobs in the state.

>>Rock Island County Nursing Home Surviving On Loans

(Rock Island, IL) — No one in Rock Island County knows how much longer the county’s nursing home can limp along. Rock Island County Treasurer Louisa Ewert told county leaders on Wednesday that the Hope Creek Nursing Home is only open because it is borrowing money. Ewert said the nursing home is almost two-and-a-half-million-dollars in debt, and had to borrow from both its working cash fund and from its anticipated tax haul to keep the doors open this spring.