News Headlines – April 11, 2018

Last Updated on April 11th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: More people have gotten sick from synthetic marijuana in and around East Peoria than in Chicago this spring. A new plan in the Illinois Senate would require Illinois schools to teach LGBT history. Illinois’ border community schools are hopeful for a new law that may help them fill their classrooms. Folks in Quincy are upset by the latest plan to double their water bills.

>>Tazewell County Leads Illinois’ Synthetic Pot Cases

(East Peoria, IL) — More people have gotten sick from synthetic marijuana in and around East Peoria, Illinois than in the city of Chicago. The Illinois Department of Public Health yesterday updated its count of people who’ve been treated for severe bleeding after using the fake pot. The IDPH says 37 people from Tazewell County have been treated, while just 30 people from Chicago have been to the doctor.

>>Illinois Senate Plan Would Require LGBT Lessons

(Springfield, IL) — School kids in Illinois could soon be required to learn LGBT history. An Illinois Senate panel yesterday approved the legislation. The plan’s author, Senator Heather Steans, says the lessons would be like the lessons for any other group that kids in Illinois are required to learn about. Opponents say they fear the lessons will come too close to endorsing the LGBT lifestyle.

>>Illinois Border School Hopeful For New Teacher Licensing Law

(Moline, IL) — School leaders in some of Illinois’ border communities hope a new state law can help fill their classrooms. Governor Rauner last week signed a law to let teachers with licenses in Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, or Wisconsin teach in Illinois schools. Moline Assistant Superintendent Todd DeTaeye yesterday said he hopes to be able to expand his base for teachers and substitute teachers. DeTaeye says the more potential teachers, the better.

>>SIU President Dunn Agrees With Funding Shift To SIUE

(Carbondale, IL) — The president at Southern Illinois University says he agrees with the plan to shift five million-dollars to SIU Edwardsville. SIU president Randy Dunn told “The Southern Illinoisan” yesterday that the shift simply recognizes a change in enrollment. Dunn says as Southern Illinois University’s Carbondale campus is seeing fewer students, SIU Edwardsville is seeing more. SIU Trustees are scheduled to vote on the funding shift tomorrow.

>>Water Rates Could Double In Quincy

(Quincy, IL) — City leaders in Quincy are the latest in the state to face the difficult question of how to fix their streets. Alderman yesterday said that they are getting a lot of negative feedback on a plan to double their water rates to pay for infrastructure improvements. Alderman Terri Heinecke says she understands that Quincy needs the money, but she fears that people can’t afford to pay twice what they are paying now for water.