News Headlines – March 13, 2018

Last Updated on March 12th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest 

(Undated)  —  Here’s the latest news:  Gun supporters in Illinois are wondering if Governor Bruce Rauner tipped his hand on gun control legislation last week. Leanne Ives’ running mate says he’s not so sure about bringing Amtrak service to the Quad Cities. An Illinois women’s basketball team is recovering after a bus crash in Minnesota. Prosecutors are moving ahead with charges against a central Illinois man who they say had a bomb. 

>>Governor May Be Leaning Against Gun Dealer Law 

(Moline, IL)  —  Illinois may not get a new, tougher gun dealer law after all. Governor Rauner has been very quiet about his plans for a series of proposed gun control laws in Springfield. But on Friday the governor told reporters in the Quad Cities that he doesn’t want to add ‘redundant regulations’ on small businesses in the state. Gun supporters say that may be a sign that Rauner won’t sign a new plan to create state-based licensees for gun dealers in Illinois. 

>>Candidate For Lt Governor Questions QC Amtrak Service 

(Moline, IL)  —  Former Quad Cities state Rep Rich Morthland says he likes the idea of Amtrak coming to the Quad Cities. But Morthland says he’s not sure about the specifics of the plan to make it happen. Morthland is running for Lieutenant Governor with Jeanne Ives, and told WQAD TV late last week that he doesn’t think that the taxpayer of Illinois should pay millions of dollars a year for Amtrak to run trains throughout the state. Moline is still waiting for its Amtrak service. Morthland says he’d like to see the Quad Cities get passenger rail service, but only because of the ‘nostalgia’ of the idea. 

>>Players Recovering After Freeport College Team’s Bus Crash 

(Freeport, IL)  —  Investigators in Minnesota say it looks like the driver on a bus full of college basketball players had a medical emergency before crashing. Highland Community College President Tim Hood yesterday said that five players or coaches were hurt in the wreck. The team was coming back from a game in Wahpeton, North Dakota Saturday evening when the driver lost control, crossed the median, and smashed into a number of trees before coming to s atop. The five people hurt in the crash were all treated and released from a hospital in Minnesota. 

>>Charges Filed In Pekin Bomb Case 

(Pekin, IL)  —  There are almost as many questions as there are answers about a central Illinois man who got caught with a bomb. Prosecutors in Tazewell County filed charges on Friday against Andrew Waller for having a bomb. The state’s attorney’s office said last week that the bomb was powerful enough to destroy a house, but they didn’t say why Waller had the bomb or where he got it. Police found the bomb when they arrested Waller for meth possession. Peoria’s bomb squad had to come to Pekin and destroy it.