News Headlines – March 12, 2018

Last Updated on March 11th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Illinois lawmakers are backing a plan to get news of new Legionnaires cases at any of the state’s veterans homes in just 24 hours. The woman who pays Illinois’ bills wants some more honesty in state government salaries. Crews are expecting a crowd to watch a northwestern Illinois bridge come down with a bang today. Illinois’ latest bobcat season saw a much larger haul.

>>Illinois House Panel Okays 24 Hour Legionnaires Notice Requirement

(Springfield, IL) — Managers at Illinois’ veterans homes may soon have one day to alert lawmakers and the public of any new Legionnaires cases. An Illinois House panel yesterday approved a 24 hour notice requirement for new cases at any state veterans home. The rules would require a letter from the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs to families, residents, and staff members as soon as a Legionnaires case in confirmed. Thirteen veterans at the Quincy home have died, and dozens of other have gotten sick from Legionnaires since 2015.

>>Illinois Comptroller: Be Honest With State Paychecks

(Springfield, IL) — The woman who pays Illinois’ bills wants to make it easier to let people follow the money. Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza yesterday introduced what she’s calling the Truth in Hiring Act which would require the governor’s office to pay its workers from the governor’s budget. A handful of lawmakers, both Republicans and Democrats, are joining the call. Mendoza says governors of both parties have, for years, hidden the true cost of their administrations by paying workers with money from other state agencies. Mendoza says if Illinois had the law now, taxpayers would know that Governor Rauner is spending nearly twice as much on staff as he is allotted in the state budget.

>>Crowd Expected To Watch Savanna-Sabula Bridge Implosion

(Savanna, IL) — Sometime between 10 and noon – that’s the best timeline that I-DOT can give for when crews will implode the old Savanna-Sabula Bridge in northwestern Illinois later today. The bridge is being taken down even before the new bridge between Illinois and Iowa is up and running. If you’re planing to watch the implosion, dress warmly and be patient. I-DOT says it wants to keep people at least 15 hundred feet away from the blast zone.

>>Illinois’ 2018 Bobcat Season Sees More Permits, More Cats

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois doubled the number of bobcat permits for the 2017-2018 season, and doubled the number of cats that were taken. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources yesterday said Illinois hunters and trappers took 318 bobcats during the season that ran from November 10th till February 15th. That’s nearly twice as many permits and cats as the year before. Next year, DNR officials say, there will be a hard cap of 375 cats that can be harvested. Applications for a 2018-2019 bobcat license are due in September.

>>Mississippi River Searchers Find Missing Fishermen’s Boat, Not Men

(Quincy, IL) — Searchers on both sides of the Mississippi River in western Illinois are not giving-up on looking for a pair of missing fishermen. The Pike County sheriff’s office yesterday said crews found a boat that belonged to Earl Fogle and David Hultz, but they didn’t find the men. Both Fogle and Hultz went missing on the river Tuesday night. Searchers found their boat underwater, near the DuPont boat launch near Ashburn, Missouri.