News Headlines – March 1, 2018

Last Updated on February 28th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest 

(Undated)  —  Here’s the latest news:  Illinois lawmakers are ready to vote on a number of plans to tighten gun control in the state.  One of Rockford’s hospitals is finally getting the okay to add a new women and children center.  IllinoisState University is the latest school to tell prospective students that getting in trouble for protesting won’t hurt their chances at admission.  Drivers in northwestern Illinois are looking at a lengthy detour after I-DOT closed their local bridge. 

>>Illinois House Poised To Act On Gun Control Plans 

(Springfield, IL)  —  Illinois lawmakers are poised to take a big step toward tighter gun control laws in the state.  The House is supposed to vote today on a number of plans that skated out of a statehouse panel yesterday, among them a proposal to increase the age to buy a rifle to 21 and tougher rules for small gun shop owners.  Many Democrats say the tougher laws are needed, particularly after the school shooting in Florida.  Some Republicans say the proposals are too broadly written and may be unconstitutional. 

>>Rockford’s SwedishAmerican Gets Green Light For Expansion 

(Rockford, IL)  —  State regulators are finally going to let one of Rockford’s hospitals spend 125-million on a new women and children center.  SwedishAmerican Hospital yesterday announced that the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board approved its plan to build a new neo-natal service unit.  The board had turned down SwedishAmerican’s request for a similar project last year because another Rockford hospital, Mercyhealth, complained that it would face new competition.  SwedishAmerican managers say they hope to have their new women and children center up and running by 2020. 

>>ISU Tells Prospective Students Not To Worry About Protest Discipline 

(Normal, IL)  —  Illinois State University is the latest school in the U.S. to tell high school students not to worry about getting in trouble for protesting.  ISU tweeted last Saturday that prospective students who are disciplined by their schools for non-violent protests will not be downgraded by university admissions officials.  The idea is to support students across the country who plan to walk out of class next week to protest this month’s school shooting that left 17 people dead in Florida. ISU’s tweet said participation in a peaceful protest will not impact admission to the university in any way. 

>>Moline School Plans School Safety Meeting In Mid-March 

(Moline, IL)  —  Parents in Moline will soon get a better look at the school safety plan for their kids’ schools.  Moline Superintendent Lanty McGuire on Monday said he plans to give a presentation on school safety protocols at the March 12th school board meeting.  McGuire says parents are taking a new interest in safety after this month’s school shooting in Florida.  Moline’s head of school security will lead the presentation. 

>>Illinois Closes Savanna-Sabula Bridge After Issue 

(Savanna, IL)  —  Neither of the bridges between Savanna, Illinois, and Sabula, Iowa, are open right now.  The Illinois Department of Transportation yesterday closed the old bridge after crews say they had an issue during construction.  I-DOT is still waiting to finish the new Savanna-Sabula Bridge.  It’s not due to open until May.  Drivers now have to cross the Mississippi River at Fulton, Illinois, or Clinton, Iowa, which is 30 miles out of their way.