News Headlines – February 14, 2018

Last Updated on February 14th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

>>Rauner To Deliver Budget Address Amid New Spending Pressures 

(Springfield, IL)  —  Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is going to need to find a bit more than a billion-and-a-half new dollars to make ends meet in his new budget.  The governor is set to deliver his budget address today at noon.  In addition to the lingering eight-and-a-half-billion-dollars in unpaid bills, the governor is going to have to find 350-million for new school funding, 500-million more for pensions and over 750-million-dollars to make the debt payment on a series of old state loans for next year.  No one is saying how the governor hopes to find the new money. 

>>Central Illinois McDonald’s Worker Fired After Cursing At State Trooper 

(Normal, IL)  —  A Bloomington-Normal drive-thru worker is out of a job after yelling at an Illinois State trooper.  The local McDonald’s managers fired a young woman Monday after they say they learned that she cursed at the trooper over the weekend.  Owner Jack Millan said he apologized to the trooper and reminded his staff of what is and what is not acceptable behavior.  Millan says he’s always supported law enforcement and that the one former employee doesn’t represent his entire staff. 

>>Volunteer Firefighter Ticketed After Wreck That Flipped Fire Truck 

(Tilton, IL)  —  Authorities say an eastern Illinois volunteer firefighter is looking at a ticket after driving through a red light and causing a wreck earlier this week.  The Illinois State Police yesterday said it issued the firefighter the ticket after the wreck flipped his fire truck, and forced emergency crews to cut three people out of the truck and the van that he hit.  The firefighter was rushing water to firefighters in Westville who were fighting a fire downtown. 

>>Reckless Homicide Charges Filed In Deadly Whiteside County Wreck 

(Sterling, IL)  —  Prosecutors in Whiteside County are pushing ahead with charges for a deadly 2017 wreck they say was tied to drugs.  Investigators say Michael Mulberry was likely running from police surveillance after a drug deal when he ran a stop sign in Dixon and smashed into a truck last spring.  The wreck killed his girlfriend.  Prosecutors yesterday also charged Mulberry with a handful of drug charges.