News Headlines – January 10, 2018

Last Updated on January 10th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest 

(Undated)  —  Here’s the latest news:  Illinois lawmakers are demanding action to stop the Legionnaires’ outbreaks at the state’s veterans home in Quincy.  The state of Wisconsin is hoping a new ad campaign will lure some young folks from Chicago just a bit farther to the north.  There’s another plan to build a new hotel and conference center in downtown Bloomington.  A transgender Illinoisprison inmate is being transferred from a men’s prison to a women’s facility. 

>>Illinois Lawmakers Demand Fix For Quincy Legionnaires’ Outbreaks 

(Chicago, IL)  —  Illinois lawmakers are demanding that Governor Rauner do what it takes to end the Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks at the state’s veterans home in Quincy.  A panel of Republicans and Democrats listened to hours of testimony in Chicago yesterday about two Legionnaires’ outbreaks that have killed 13 people since 2015.  The CDC yesterday said there is a growing problem across the country with Legionnaires’ because of older veterans and older infrastructure.  Lawmakers said they’re willing to shift expenses around to build a new dorm in Quincy to make sure no one else gets sick. 

>>Wisconsin Launching Ads To Lure Chicago Millennials 

(Chicago, IL)  —  If you ride the train in Chicago, don’t be surprised if you see ads touting how great the state of Wisconsin is.  Illinois’ neighbor to the north on Monday launched its “Think-Make-Happen In Wisconsin” ad campaign designed to lure young people from Chicago to Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is spending almost a-million-dollars on the ads to get workers into their state.  Kelly Lietz with the WEDC says Wisconsin has about three-million workers statewide and Chicago has over four-million all by itself. 

>>New Plan Would Build Hotel, Conference Center In Downtown Bloomington 

(Bloomington, IL)  —  There’s a new plan to build a new hotel and conference center in downtown Bloomington.  Developer Jim Pearson yesterday said he wants to find partners including the city of Bloomington to build a 110-room hotel and adjoining conference center next to the city’s downtown coliseum.  This is not the first proposal.  Others in the past have fallen short because of the tremendous potential cost to taxpayers in Bloomington. 

>>Illinois DOC Transfers Transgender Inmate To Women’s Prison 

(Springfield, IL)  —  Illinois is about to make history.  The state is set to transfer an inmate sentenced to a male prison to a female facility because of gender identity issues.  Lawyers for 26-year-old Deon “Strawberry” Hampton yesterday said they’ve reached an agreement with the Illinois Department of Corrections to move Hampton from the Menard Correctional Center in southern Illinois to the Lawrence Correctional Center in eastern Illinois. Hampton complained of abuse at the men’s facility.