News Headlines – January 8, 2018

Last Updated on January 7th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest 

(Undated)  —  Here’s the latest news:  Governor Rauner is spending a few nights at the veterans home in Quincy to send a message. Two of the Democrats running for governor have harsh words for the nation’s attorney general over his new marijuana stance. Fire investigators in Rockford are looking for answers after flames destroyed a home yesterday. It’s a happy ending after an elderly man and his dog ended-up in a frozen lake in Galesburg. 

>>Governor Rauner Staying At Quincy Vets Home 

(Quincy, IL)  —  Illinois’ governor is trying to send a message about the Legionnaires outbreaks at the veterans home in Quincy. Governor Bruce Rauner’s office yesterday said that the governor is spending a few days at the veterans home. The governor is sleeping in a room just like other residents. Legionnaires disease has killed 13 people at the home and sickened dozens of others since 2015. The governor says he’s staying at the home to get a feel for what residents have to deal with. 

>>Democratic Candidates For Governor Weigh In On Pot Rule Change 

(Chicago, IL)  —  Two of the Democrats running for governor in Illinois have some harsh words for the nation’s attorney general. Both J.B. Pritzker and Dan Biss yesterday said that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is going in the wrong direction with an order that could clamp down on legal marijuana sales in states. Pritzker says instead of re-criminalizing marijuana, the drug should be legalized ‘safely.’ 

>>Rockford Home A Total Loss After Firefight 

(Rockford, IL)  —  Fire investigators in Rockford are looking for answers after flames gutted a home on the city’s north side. It happened yesterday at a home at 2000 Richmond Street. Firefighters say the two people and one dog that lived at the home made it out alive. But crews say the home is a total loss. 

>>Moline Police: Thieves Took 14 Thousand Dollars In iPhones 

(Moline, IL)  —  Detectives in Moline are looking for a pair of alleged cell phone thieves who got away with a massive haul. Moline Police yesterday released a picture of two people who they say stole 14 thousand-dollars worth of iPhones from a Quad Cities store last Thursday. Officers are not saying which store, nor are they explaining how the two managed to get away with 17 brand new iPhones. 

>>Man, Dog Rescued From Frozen Lake In Galesburg 

(Galesburg, IL)  —  It’s a happy ending for an elderly man and his dog in Galesburg. Police say the man somehow drove on to the frozen Lake Storey late Wednesday, but his truck broke through the ice. Rescuers say neighbors saw the man struggling to get free of his truck, and they swooped into action. Galesburg firefighters say given the frigid temperatures and the mostly frozen lake, the man and his dog were lucky to get back to shore alive. Both man and dog are recovering at home.