News Headlines – January 5, 2018

Last Updated on January 4th, 2018

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: The cold is closing more schools across the state today. The conservative challenger for governor in Illinois wants to end the state’s sanctuary policy. Illinois’ Farm Bureau is hoping for a new hemp law in 2018. A Quad Cities man is getting ready for his third trial for the 1990 murder of a Rock Island girl.

>>Schools Cancel, Start Late Because Of Cold

(Lincoln, IL) — If you have kids in school, you may want to check on Facebook to see if they’re going to school today. Schools across the state are canceling classes or starting late today because of the cold. The biggest worry is sub-zero wind chills that could freeze buses and make the wait at the bus stop almost unbearable. The wind chill in many parts of the state will be about 25 below to start the day.

>>Ives Vows To Repeal Illinois’ Trust Act

(Wheaton, IL) — The conservative challenger running for governor in Illinois says she wants to roll back the state’s sanctuary status. State Rep Jeanne Ives, who is challenging Governor Rauner, yesterday said that she wants to end Illinois’ Trust Act because it makes it easier for people to stay in the U.S. and stay in Illinois illegally. Ives says she is pro-legal immigration, but calls the Trust Act ‘dangerous and extreme.’

>>Illinois Farm Bureau Hopes For Hemp

(Springfield, IL) — If Illinois’ largest farm organization has its way, there will be fields of a new kind of green across the state very soon. The Illinois Farm Bureau is backing an industrial hemp law that supporters say will allow farmers to diversify their crops. Both state and federal laws allow for hemp studies, the Farm Bureau wants to change the law to allow farmers to grow hemp as a cash crop. A plan last year was derailed by Illinois’ medical marijuana growers. Lawmakers hope to be able to find a compromise this year.

>>August Trial Set For 1990 Quad Cities Killing

(Davenport, IA) — A judge is looking at a summer trial for the man accused of killing a Rock Island girl almost 30 years ago. Stanley Liggins is set to go to trial, for the third time, this August for the murder of nine-year-old Jennifer Lewis back in 1990. Liggins was convicted at both of his first two trials, but courts later overturned the case because of issues at trial.

>>Investigators Look For Answers In Death On Rock River Ice

(Rockford, IL) — There’s no word yet how long a man found dead and frozen in Rockford was on the ice at the Rock River. A Rockford Park District employee found the man yesterday morning near the Whitman Street bridge. Authorities say they’re still trying to identify the man, and they don’t have any guesses as to what he was doing near the river or how he ended up on the ice.