News Headlines – December 8, 2017

Last Updated on December 7th, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Lee County authorities say a father and son died in Tuesday’s natural gas explosion. The top Democrat in the Illinois Senate says he wants to work with the governor on a state budget, but is more than willing to work around him. Pro-life advocates will argue their case against Illinois’ new law to have taxpayers pay for abortions before the end of the year. A seven million-dollar gift will mean a new soccer field and a new track for the University of Illinois.

>>Father, Son Identified As Lee County Explosion Victims

(Dixon, IL) — Authorities in Lee County say a father and son both died in a natural gas explosion in a field between Dixon and Rochelle. The blast on Tuesday also injured two other people. Lee County’s Coroner yesterday said that 59-year-old father Rory Miller and 30-year-old son Ryan Miller both died in the blast. Investigators say they were installing irrigation tiles in the field when they ruptured a gas pipeline.

>>Senate President Cullerton May Work Without Governor On Budget

(Springfield, IL) — The top Democrat in the Illinois Senate says he wants to work with Governor Bruce Rauner on a new state budget. But Senate President John Cullerton yesterday also said that he is prepared to work without the governor as well. Cullerton said that Illinois’ top lawmakers haven’t met with the governor about the budget in more than a year. He said if the governor doesn’t want to work on a budget in the spring of 2018, then lawmakers will work around him.

>>Illinois Taxpayer Funded Abortion Law Due In Court December 28th

(Springfield, IL) — A central Illinois judge will hear arguments just before the new year as to whether Illinois taxpayers should be forced to pay for abortions. A Sangamon County judge yesterday set a December 28th hearing date for arguments against House Bill 40, which would put taxpayers on the hook for ending pregnancies. Pro-life groups are trying two defenses. One, that Illinois lawmakers didn’t set aside any money to pay for abortions. And two, that not enough lawmakers voted for the proposal for it to take effect January 1st.

>>Carbondale Woman Indicted For Killing Boyfriend On Thanksgiving

(Carbondale, IL) — It’s first degree murder charges for the southern Illinois woman who police say killed her boyfriend on Thanksgiving. A grand jury in Jackson County yesterday indicted 42-year-old Rebecca Valentine. But neither police or prosecutors are saying why she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend to death just after midnight on November 23rd.

>>U of I Gets Seven Million For Soccer, Track Facilities

(Urbana, IL) — A seven million-dollar gift will help build new soccer and track facilities at the University of Illinois. The school yesterday broke the news about the gift from the Demirjian family of Decatur. Plans are to use the gift to build a new mens’ and womens’ soccer field, as well as a new track and field center. The U of I hopes to have the facility open by the spring of 2021.