News Headlines – December 7, 2017

Last Updated on December 6th, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Governor Bruce Rauner is sticking with his claim that he’s not in charge in Illinois. An Illinois Republican senator says he can support legal, recreational marijuana in the state. Lincoln’s new Amtrak station is open for business. The U of I is looking to further distance the campus from a controversial bus company.

>>Governor Rauner Again Says He’s Not In Charge

(Chicago, IL) — Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is sticking with his claim that he’s not in charge of the state. The governor told reporters once again yesterday that House Speaker Mike Madigan is really the one in charge. The governor’s opponents earlier this week pounced when he seemed to distance himself from the responsibility of Illinois’ struggles over the past three years. Rauner yesterday said people in the state know what he means.

>>Central Illinois Republican Lawmaker Backs Legal Marijuana In Illinois

(Normal, IL) — For the first time, an Illinois Republican lawmaker is lining up to support legal, recreational marijuana in the state. State Senator Jason Barickman yesterday said he can support legal marijuana if only adults can buy the drug and the money made from taxes goes to pay off some of Illinois’ debt. Barickman says it is inevitable that Illinois will allow for legal recreational marijuana, so he wants a seat at the table to negotiate how the law will be written.

>>Lincoln’s Amtrak Station Opens

(Lincoln, IL) — Amtrak riders in Lincoln have a nice, new place to wait for their train. Especially when it’s late. City and state leaders yesterday cut the ribbon on the new four-million-dollar Lincoln station. It’s the latest to be upgraded along the line from Chicago to St. Louis. I-DOT’s secretary yesterday said he’s frustrated, just like many Amtrak riders, with the 30-percent of the time that trains in Illinois are late.

>>U Of I Looks To Keep Bus Company Off Campus

(Urbana, IL) — The University of Illinois is looking to keep a suburban bus company that offended school leaders off campus. The school yesterday looked to distance the university from Suburban Express after the bus company ran an add that U of I officials said mocked the school’s Chinese students. The bus ad said “you won’t feel like you’re in China” when you ride its buses. U of I leaders said the ad was bigoted and offensive.

>>Quincy Mayor Defends Training Conference Cost

(Quincy, IL) — Quincy’s mayor is trying to defend the nearly 18-thousand-dollars he spent to send city leaders to a training conference. Mayor Kyle Moore yesterday said that Quincy is akin to a small company and that spending 17-thousand-800-dollars to send 13 city leaders to the Illinois Municipal League’s conference in September is a business expense. A new report that looked at what cities across the state paid shows that Quincy spent more than any other city in Illinois.