News Headlines – November 15, 2017

Last Updated on November 15th, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Another Illinois Republican congressman says Alabama’s Roy Moore should get out of the race. There’s a push for answers about the death of the other man killed along side a fallen Rockford police officer. Illinois’ teacher shortage doesn’t look to be going away. The FBI is not saying what it is looking for in Lake Decatur.

>>Another Illinois Republican Says Alabama’s Moore Must Go

(Wheaton, IL) — A second Illinois Republican congressman says Alabama’s Roy Moore should drop out of the race. Suburban Republican Peter Roskam yesterday said that Moore needs to end the distraction. Northern Illinois Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger last week said that Moore needed to drop out of the race for U.S. Senate for the good of the party.

>>Rockford Marchers Want Answers About Other Man In Officer’s Death

(Rockford, IL) — Friends and family members of the other man who died alongside a fallen Rockford police officer want a federal investigation. About 25 marchers made their way through the streets of Rockford yesterday, pressing for answers about Eddie Patterson’s death. Patterson was shot and killed in the same traffic stop that killed Officer Jaimie Cox. The marchers say they think that police are hiding information about how Patterson died.

>>Illinois Teacher Shortage Lingers

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois cannot get past its teacher shortage. “The State Journal Register” in Springfield reported yesterday that schools across the state had over two thousand open positions at the start of the school year. A 2016 survey showed about 16-percent of schools had to cancel a class or activity because they didn’t have a teacher to head the classroom. The paper says there aren’t enough young people getting into teaching as a career.

>>FBI Mum On Lake Decatur Search

(Decatur, IL) — The FBI isn’t saying if agents found what they were looking for in Lake Decatur. In fact, the FBI isn’t saying what they were looking for at all. Agents yesterday searched the water near Ivy Hill Park for what they would only describe as ‘evidence in a local case.’

>>Alligator Snapping Turtle Returns To Illinois

(Urbana, IL) — The alligator snapping turtle is apparently back in Illinois. Researchers for the University of Illinois’ Natural History Survey last week said that they found a female snapping turtle in Union County in southern Illinois. It’s the first wild alligator snapping turtle found in the state in about 30-years. The hope is that the turtle is a sign that the species is returning to Illinois.