News Headlines – November 10, 2017

Last Updated on November 9th, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) – Here’s the latest news: The state of Illinois is getting ready to pay about nine billion-dollars worth of old bills. If you blinked you may have missed the flurry of new laws at the Illinois Capitol yesterday. Services are set for tomorrow for a Rockford police officer who died in the line of duty. Lawyers for the man accused of kidnapping a Chinese scholar at the U of I want his trial pushed back till next year.

>>Illinois Starts To Pay Down Old Bills

(Springfield, IL) — Doctors, dentists, and hospitals across Illinois are about to get billions of dollars from the state. Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza yesterday said she plans to pay about nine billion-dollars worth of Illinois employee and Medicaid bills in the next few days. But that’s just about half of what Illinois owes. And Mendoza says she’s not sure when she’ll have the money to pay the rest of Illinois’ 16 billion-dollar backlog of unpaid bills.

>>Illinois Lawmakers Rush Through Veto Session To-Do List

(Springfield, IL) — Usually things move slowly at the Illinois Capitol. But yesterday was anything but usual. The Illinois House and the State Senate sped through more than a dozen veto overrides in less than a half hour. Some of them, like a new cursive requirement for Illinois school kids, are now law. Others need one more vote before they’ll be added to the state’s law books. Lawmakers are due back at the Capitol for more votes later today.

>>Funeral Saturday For Fallen Rockford Officers

(Rockford, IL) — City leaders in Rockford are expecting a large turn out to say goodbye to a rookie officer killed in the line of duty. Visitation for Rockford Police Officer Jaimie Cox will be held tomorrow at the First Free Evangelical Church in Rockford. Cox will be laid to rest on Saturday. Investigators say it may take weeks before they know how Cox died in what started as a traffic stop over the weekend, and ended with him being slammed by a car into a tree.

>>Lawyers For U of I Kidnapping Suspect Want Trial Pushed To 2018

(Urbana, IL) — Lawyers for the man accused of kidnapping a Chinese scholar at the University of Illinois want to push his trial back. Brendt Christensen’s legal team yesterday told a judge that they need more time to prepare a defense. They want the trial delayed til the fall of 2018. Federal prosecutors are charging Christensen with kidnapping resulting in the death of Yingying Zhang back in June. The charges could earn Christensen the death penalty.

>>Company Pulls Southern Illinois Fracking Bid Because Of Red Tape

(Enfield, IL) — A Kansas oil company is walking away from plans to frack in southern Illinois because they say there are just too many rules and regulations in the state. Woolsey Operating yesterday said ‘burdensome, time consuming and costly’ regulations forced them to abandon the project near the small town of Enfield. Local leaders in Enfield say they’re sad to lose the project, and the jobs it may have brought to town.