News Headlines – November 8, 2017

Last Updated on November 7th, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says lawmakers have finally done something to address the issues of sexual harassment at the statehouse. Despite a court ruling, state employees shouldn’t expect to get some long-due pay raises. Western Illinois prosecutors say a man fired 17 shots at a state trooper last month. Leaders in the town of Normal are hopeful about a quiet zone order for their train corridor.

>>Governor Rauner: Lawmakers Finally Act On Sexual Harassment Inspector

(Woodlawn, IL) — Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says it’s about time that lawmakers have someone to look into reports of sexual harassment at the state capitol. The governor yesterday said reports of harassment at the statehouse are unacceptable. He also blamed lawmakers for leaving the legislature’s inspector general’s office vacant for two years.

>>Court Decision Does Not Mean Automatic Raises For State Workers

(Springfield, IL) — Thousands of state of Illinois employees could be in line for a raise. But they may want to hold off on spending that money too soon. An appeals court yesterday ruled that Governor Rauner cannot block what are called step raises, pay bumps for longevity. But that doesn’t mean the raises will be paid. The court also said the Illinois Labor Relations Board needs to make the final decision as to whether the state of Illinois will or should pay the raises

>> Massachusetts Man Charged With Firing 17 Shots At State Trooper

(Cambridge, IL) — Western Illinois prosecutors say a Massachusetts man fired at least 17 rounds at a state trooper last month during a traffic stop in Henry County. The details came as prosecutors laid out their case against Shaun Taylor yesterday. Illinois state police say Taylor led them on a seven-hour manhunt but eventually surrendered and said he didn’t remember pulling the trigger. No one was hurt in the shooting. Taylor is due back in court next month.

>>Police Probe Galesburg Shooting

(Galesburg, IL) — Investigators in Galesburg say they don’t think a weekend shooting was random. But outside of that, officers aren’t saying much about the shooting at a park that left a woman in stable condition. Galesburg police are not saying who they think shot 20-year-old Autumn Ponder or why.

>>Normal Hopes For Quiet Zone

(Normal, IL) — The town of Normal is hoping for some quiet through the city’s center. City Manager Mark Peterson yesterday said he’s optimistic that the town will get a quiet zone designation that will silence most train whistles on the main line for tracks in Normal. Peterson said being a quiet zone would stop trains from blowing their horns as they go through town, and that includes the tracks that roll through Uptown Normal and near the Illinois State University campus.