News Headlines – November 6, 2017

Last Updated on November 5th, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: An Illinois state senator says the legislature cannot police itself. Folks in East Moline are rushing to get their water tested after city leaders said there’s too much lead in some homes. Governor Rauner is offering space in Illinois to the people displaced by the hurricane in Puerto Rico. The next giraffe baby looks to be coming to Peoria.

>>Illinois Senator Says Lawmakers Can’t Be In Charge Of Harassment Claims

(Springfield, IL) — A Republican state senator in Springfield says there’s no way that lawmakers can look into their own sexual harassment complaints. Senator Karen McConnaughay yesterday said she wants to change Illinois’ Legislative Ethics Commission because the legislature can’t ‘police itself.’ McConnaughay said someone who has no ties to Illinois lawmakers needs to be appointed to handle claims of harassment and inappropriate behavior at the Illinois Capitol.

>>Folks In East Moline Rush To Get Water Tested

(East Moline, IL) — A lot of folks in East Moline want to know what’s in their water. City leaders on Wednesday said some of the 36 homes that they tested came back positive for too much lead in the water. Now more residents are calling to get their water tested. East Moline officials say homes built before 1986 are the most at risk for having lead pipes and lead in the water.

>>Governor Rauner Offers Illinois As Home For Displaced Puetro Ricans

(Chicago, IL) — Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is offering up the state as a temporary home for the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. The governor yesterday said he’s contacted FEMA leaders to say that Illinois would like to offer ‘transnational shelter’ to the people displaced by the storm. There is no word how many people may be sent to Illinois, or how long they may stay if Illinois is selected.

>>Quad Cities Double Murder Suspect Still Waiting For Treatment

(Rock Island, IL) — The suspect in a Quad Cities double murder is still in jail and has yet to be treated for his mental illness. A Rock Island County judge ordered that John Conwell be sent for mental health treatment back in August. Yesterday Conwell’s lawyer said that his client is still in jail and hasn’t even been seen by a state doctor. Rock Island County’s sheriff says the issue is bed space at the state treatment facility.

>>Next Giraffe Baby Could Be In Peoria

(Peoria, IL) — Managers at Peoria’s zoo are expecting. The zoo yesterday announced that Vivian, an eight-year-old giraffe, is pregnant and expecting a female calf by the end of the year. This would be Vivian’s second baby, she delivered a baby giraffe last July as well.