News Headlines – November 3, 2017

Last Updated on November 2nd, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: A Republican state senator says there are 27 sexual harassment cases lingering at the Illinois Capitol. Congressman Darin LaHood hasn’t decided yet who he’s going to vote for in the race for governor. Leaders in southern Illinois’ Saline County are telling the county clerk that she’s responsible for her overspending. Michelle Obama is urging young people not to Tweet the first thing that they think of.

>>State Senator: 27 Sexual Harassment Complaints Lingering At Illinois Capitol

(Springfield, IL) — An Illinois state senator says there are actually more than two dozen sexual harassment complaints on file at the Illinois Capitol, but there’s no one to look into them. Senator Karen Mcconnaughay yesterday said that she found 27 complaints have been filed, despite the fact that the legislature’s ethics chief said earlier this week said that there are no active investigations. Mcconnaughay says the only reasons the investigations aren’t ‘active’ is because there is no Inspector General to investigate them.

>>Congressman LaHood Not Picking Republican Candidate For Governor

(Springfield, IL) — He’s not likely going to vote for a Democrat, but Congressman Darin LaHood says he’s not sure who he’s going to vote for in Illinois race for governor. LaHood, as a Republican, isn’t publicly supporting either Governor Bruce Rauner or State Rep Jeanne Ives just yet. LaHood says he thinks the governor’s support of a plan to have taxpayers pay for abortions will hurt his reelection effort.

>>Saline County Says Clerk Won’t Get Extra Money

(Harrisburg, IL) — No one is sure where Saline County Clerk’s Kim Buchanan will get the 50 thousand-dollars that she’s spent above and beyond her budget. County leaders last night said Buchanan was supposed to spend 234 thousand-dollars this year, but she’s spent 284 thousand. The Saline County Board says Buchanan is on the hook for the difference. Her office has spent 113-percent of what it was allocated to spend in this year’s county budget.

>>Note To Young People: Don’t Tweet Every Thought

(Chicago, IL) — Former First Lady Michelle Obama has some advice for young folks and social media. Don’t Tweet every idea. Mrs. Obama talked with young people at the first ever Obama Foundation symposium. The former FLOTUS said often times your first thought is not worthy of the light of day.

>>Quad Cities’ Truck Stop Could Get Even Larger

(Walcott, IA) — The World’s Largest Truck Stop, just outside of the Quad Cities, is about to get even larger. Owners of the truck stop just outside of the Iowa half of the Quad Cities, yesterday announced a ten million-dollar expansion and remodeling project. In addition to growing the stores, planners want to remodel the food court and retail area of the truck stop.