News Headlines – October 22, 2017

Last Updated on October 22nd, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Fewer people are flying out of the Quad Cities’ airport. It’s ten years in prison for a Moline man on child pornography charges. Students in Kenwanee are recovering after a school bus crash earlier this week. Illinois’ latest jobs report shows a huge loss.

>>Kewanee Students Recovering After Bus Crash

(Kewanee, IL) — School leaders in Kewanee are grateful that a school bus crash wasn’t worse. Two students and a bus driver went to a Quad Cities hospital Wednesday night after the wreck. Rock Island Deputies say the bus driver didn’t stop for oncoming traffic, and was hit by a car. Kewanee Superintendent Chris Sullens says he’s happy that none of the injuries are life threatening. The students involved in the wreck aren’t due back to class till Monday.

>>Flyers Not Choosing Quad Cities Airport

(Moline, IL) — More and more flyers in the Quad Cities are driving to Chicago to catch a flight. Managers at the Quad City International Airport yesterday said that new numbers show about 31-percent of people in the Quad Cities flew out of Chicago last year. That’s compared to just under 20-percent back in 2010. One of the reasons may be the loss of Airtran from the Quad Cities’ airport in 2010. Airport managers say they’re studying a way to reverse the trend.

>>Illinois’ Latest Jobs Report Show Huge Losses

(Springfield, IL) — You have to work hard to spin something positive out of Illinois’ latest jobs report. The state’s employment agency yesterday said that Illinois lost almost 11 thousand jobs in September. The report says the trade and transportation sector lost the most jobs, followed by education and health services and the leisure industry. Illinois employment director Jeff Mays says the state’s economy continues to sputter, and is falling behind other states that have seen a rebound from the great recession.

>>Governor, U Of I Proposed Innovation Hub

(Chicago, IL) — The plans for a new innovation hub in Chicago are boundless. But there are real questions about whether the joint campus for the University of Illinois will ever materialize. Governor Rauner and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel yesterday launched the effort which they say will make Chicago and the university leaders in research and development. But no one is saying where the one-point-two billion-dollars that’s needed to pay for the hub in the South Loop will come from.