News Headlines – October 20, 2017

Last Updated on October 19th, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: It looks like Illinois isn’t getting the new joint Toyota-Mazda plant. The state of Illinois is once again investigating a Legionnaires’ outbreak at the veterans home in Quincy. Illinois farmers will be happy with a new report that says fuel blend regulations aren’t changing. There’s one place where you won’t see any players taking a knee during the national anthem, a Peoria Rivermen hockey game.

>>Illinois Appears To Lose Out On Toyota-Mazda Plant

(Chicago, IL) — No one is saying where the new joint Toyota-Mazda plant will be built, but it won’t be built in Illinois. “Crain’s Chicago Business” yesterday reported two car makers passed on Illinois because of the lack of shovel ready sites and because Illinois is not a right-to-work state. Greg Baise with the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association says Illinois’ policies have consequences, and those consequences continue to cost the state jobs.

>>Illinois Investigates New Legionnaires’ Outbreak At Quiny Vets Home

(Quincy, IL) — There are new questions about safety at the veterans home in Quincy. The Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs yesterday said two residents at the home have been diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease. One of those people died. This is not the first outbreak. Nine veterans at the Quincy home died and 41 others got sick from Legionnaires’ in July of last year. Illinois Veterans officials say they’re working with the local health department to find the source of the outbreak.

>>Report: Trump EPA Backing Off Fuel Blend Changes

(Washington, D.C.) — A lot of Illinois farmers are going to be happy with the latest report from the nation’s capital. “Bloomberg News” reported last night the Trump Administration is backing away from a plan to change the requirement for America’s fuel blends. Many Illinois farmers worried that any change to the Renewable Fuel Standards would mean less of a market for corn and beans. But despite the report, congressional leaders say they have not yet seen anything from the president in writing.

>>Springfield Looks To Become ‘Welcoming’ Community

(Springfield, IL) — Springfield could become the next ‘welcoming’ community in the state of Illinois. City council member Kristin DiCenso wants city leaders to vote on a welcoming ordinance next week. Yesterday DiCenso said the ordinance would not turn Springfield into a sanctuary city, it would simply state that city government is committed to welcoming everyone to the community. Critics say in reality, welcoming ordinances are ‘sanctuary lite’ policies.

>>Minor League Hockey League Promises No Knees During Anthem

(Peoria, IL) — There’s one place where you won’t see any players taking a knee during the national anthem. That’s a Peoria Rivermen hockey game. In fact, the entire Southern Professional Hockey League is ordering its players to stand for the national anthem. SPHL president Jim Combs yesterday said they’ve had a rule since 2009 that requires players to stand. Combs said it wouldn’t ever cross the mind of hockey players or hockey fans to take a knee during the national anthem.